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Important information regarding name changing / the switch to uuids

Paintball currently uses playernames for the saving of the player statistics. So after name-changing gets enabled and people change their names they will not keep their old statistics.

Paintball will definitely get updated at some point.
However, there are 2 reasons why I might not be able to bring out an update in time:

  • I am currently quite buisy with university related stuff, for at least until the beginning of month 'may'.
  • Secondly, I am still working on a rewrite of paintball, which will also introduce massive internal changes and improvements, many especially related to data storage/handling. So as I have to update at least the database stuff for the uuid-update anyways I would like to incorporate all those improvements already now. However, as those database changes of the rewrite affect quite a lot other stuff around as well, and I feel like coming closer to a first running alpha version of that rewrite, I currently would prefer to focus on working on that rewrite alpha version, and trying to maybe get that version running, instead of trying to filter those database changes out of the rewrite and trying to somehow squeeze them into the current paintball version.
  • However, as this is a complete rewrite, not yet finished, a lot more complex then the current version, and probably full of bugs in the beginning (that's why it is called 'alpha'), and because it still needs quite some things to be done to at least run, and I got no time for that the next few weeks (see above), and because nobody knows when exactly mojang will enable name changing: I might not be able to bring out that update before that happens.
  • If I should realize that I am still way to far away from a working version of that rewrite I still might decide to bring out a new version of paintball with only the basic changes to store player data by uuids instead of names, so that you at least get a version working for the newer minecraft versions then.. However, it might already be to late then for the old paintball player statistics data to be converted, if players already started to switch names.

So when this happens (I have no update and people start changing their names) all the old player statistics will 'break': I won't be able to find out for sure to which player the old statistics might belong to.

So to prepare for this possible situation I have prepared a little plugin for you ('UUIDCollector') which will simply collect and store the uuids of all connecting players, so that if you want to import the old paintball player statistics data later, after some players already have changed their names, I can then find out to which player (which uuid) the playername from the database belonged to, before people started changing their names.

UUIDCollector (I will upload this here, on the paintball project)

This plugin stores the name<->uuid mapping for all connecting players into a file, which later can be used to find out which player owned which name before name-changing got enabled.
This plugin has no commands and no permissions. The uuid(s) for each playername get stored into the config file at '/plugins/UUIDCollector/config.yml'. Also don't wonder: the uuids of new, connecting players don't get written to file immediatly after login, but only in batches every 5 minutes and when the plugin/the server shuts down.

However, before you start collecting uuids, you should make sure that the collected uuids of your players are valid / are the ones the players will also have later:

  • make sure that your server runs some of the latest minecraft versions (at least 1.7.x), because I currently have no idea which of the older versions already got the valid mojang uuids for players
  • make sure that you have selected the correct online mode for your server, because uuids for offline and online mode servers don't match
  • if you should switch your server's online mode but already started collecting uuids, please delete the uuid-collector-config file to make sure that all the uuids in there are consistent between all players (either online or offline mode uuids, not both mixed up)
  • if your server runs in offline mode because of BungeeCoord then you might want to make sure that players have the correct uuids (I think spigot has some setting to pass uuids from the proxy to the server, but you will have to inform yourself on how to get that working ..)
  • UUIDCollector will also store all uuids for a playername (which can be multiple after name changing has been enabled and players switch names), but later probably only uses the first uuid, of the first player which joined with that name
  • so you might also want to let your players know that if they plan to change their name later, they should join at least once before name changing gets enabled in order to 'reserve' their old name for later player-data-conversion (so that not somebody else gets their old data/statistics assigned then)

Also sorry for the update-checker reporting there would be a new version of paintball available: the update-checker in paintball v1.2.6 isn't smart enough to know that the UUIDCollector isn't a new version of paintball. I forgot to tell it to ignore files with '-COMPAT', when I updated the updating check between version 1.2.5 and 1.2.6.

Note on running Paintball v1.2.6 on Bukkit v1.7.8+

Paintball seems to still work fine, however you have to turn off the scoreboards via the config. Those are currently causing a lot of lag and need to be fixed by me in the next update. Besides of that no further problems are known.

Paintball is a fast paced and action packed multiplayer game.
In the classic TeamDeathMatch mode 2 teams compete against each other to bombard each other with snowballs. Once a player is hit, he's out and automatically leaves the arena and has to wait in the paintball lobby for his mates to finish and the next match to start. In the Paintball lobby you will meet all paintball players, choose your team and wait for enough players, or the end of the last match. When all conditions are met, a countdown starts which announces the next match.

Some license stuff:
Usage on own risk. Do not modify the code. Do not redistribute or copy. Do not use for commercial purposes! Neither direct nor indirect. So this also applies to add-ons used related to this plugin! Make sure, that your "donors" don't get any benefits that can be used related to paintball.
More details on the bottom of this page.


Our main target is to keep this plugin easily integratable on any standard survival server without disturbing the survival feeling. You don't have to dedicate a whole server or world to this plugin!


Paintball is constantly expanding. There are more and more features added which have not much to do with the classic paintball game. But do not panic: According to your personal preferences you can modify or disable most things in the config.yml in the Paintball folder.

  • No client or server modifications or additional plugins are required !
  • Multiple Arenas: Build as many arenas as you like !
  • Complete freedom on what your arena looks like! As Paintball does not care about your arenas borders, your arena can have any shape and layout, as long as it is impenetrable. Simple build some sort of wall around your arena to keep your players inside.
  • Multiple Spawns: Paintball lets you define multiple spawn points for each team (red, blue, spectators) !
  • Automatic-Lobby-Arena-System: The Paintball lobby will automatically rotate through all your ready arenas. No need for administrators to be online !
    Limitation: Currently there can always only run one match at a time.
  • Easy: No complex setup needed ! Only 4 commands and your arena is ready and added to the automatic arena rotation !
  • Mechanism to strictly seperate Survival and Paintball and to prevent "cheating" in and with Paintball.
  • Easy and individually adjustable small Shop, where you can buy ammunition or other special and unique "weapons", gadgets and power-ups with the Paintball-Cash earned during the matches.
  • Ranking: Your players gain points to compete with each other !
  • Various statistics: examples are Points, Cash, Kills, Deaths, Hits, Shots, KD, Accurancy, Teamattacks, Wins and Defeats for each player, each arena and as a whole.
  • Toggleable Killfeed ! Turn it off if it spams you !
  • Most stuff is configurable ! For advanced information klick here.
  • Much, much more!

If you are already in love with this plugin, you can take it right here and now!


Easy integration on every survival server!

Our main target is to keep this plugin easily integratable on any standard survival server without disturbing the survival feeling. Players shall not be able to swindle items or gain other advantages over survival players through Paintball.

Config explanation

Here you got some sort of overview what actions are taken to protect the survival-part of the server:

People with the 'paintball.admin' permissions node can bypass some of them.

  • Prevent commands that are not related to Paintball. So player can't teleport or use commands as a benefit.
  • Prevent breaking and placing of blocks.
  • Prevent dropping and picking up items, or dropping the armor.
  • Options to let players only join with full health or hunger so they can't escape during fights.
  • Options to save the players inventory when joining the lobby and restore afterwards.
  • Paintball inventory is cleared when leaving the lobby.
  • Turned off damage and starvation inside the lobby.
  • Many things can be disabled if they create problems with your other plugins.
  • Explosions do no damage to blocks.
  • Only Paintball players receive the Paintball messages. Your other players will not get spammed.

Videos on Youtube!

Check the forum for more videos! -> Click !
Arena settup

Gameplay (of version 1.2.4), with some custom texturepack

Gameplay (of version 1.1.8), with nice explanations and commentory

Additional information

Hint about version checking and stats collecting:

This plugin is checking for new updates. This can be disabled in the config with the setting "Server.Version Check".
This plugin is also doing some periodically stats tracking to which helps me to determine how many servers are using it. This can be disabled with the setting "Server.Metrics".
And the plugin is also sending some stats to to maybe prepare for some kind of later serverlist (a list of paintball servers). Currently those data are only stored in a non-public mysql table on my server.

  • This means that this plugin is sending some general information about the minecraftserver, like: ip-adress, port, servername, slots, motd, bukkit version, if server is in onlinemode and if it has whitelist enabled.
  • And some information about paintball like: how many players already played paintball there and if it is an paintball-only server (autolobby enabled) and if the server admin wants the server to be listed at some kind of public server list later, when it is finished.

→Those data are currently only send once every reload.
→ For people who don't want to share these informations with me :(you can en- and disable this in the serverlist config (plugins/Paintball/serverlist.yml) with the setting "post enabled"

Metrics / MCStats:
Metrics /MCStats

For bug reports or fixes for common problems take a look at the Known Bugs page.
Don't spam with your error here !

For a list of ideas and suggestions take a look at the Ideas page!
Feel free to leave a message here!
(How you like it, what you like most, what you like in no way. I'm interested in your opinion!)

Donators Donors

A big "thank you" to everybody who is keeping my motivation up through donations!

  • OklaMokla
  • zrocweb
  • mattmc291
  • treestompz
  • IceRhal
  • Lars
  • TheOnlyRealTGS
  • breachSWE
  • jeracom
  • MineCrystalSpain

If you like this plugin, don't spare the effort to Click here to donate any amount which you consider reasonable and/or leave a positive comment!

attention Usage conditions / License

Paintball Server Plugin for Minecraft
by blablubbabc

  • Usage of this software is on own risk. I give no warranty in any kind that this software is working like intended.
  • Do not modify the code! Use it as it is, or don't use it.
  • Do not redistribute or upload it somewhere else. People can always download it for themselves from this page.
  • Do not use for commercial purposes! This also applies to add-ons (other plugins or services for example) which are related to this plugin! Example: Make sure, that your "donors" don't get any benefits that can be used related to paintball.
  • These conditions affect you, unless you have a different agreement with me.

Thank you for respecting these conditions!
If you have any questions on this feel free to contact me.

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  • Avatar of blablubbabc blablubbabc Apr 18, 2014 at 16:06 UTC - 0 likes

    @MrKettling: Go

    It is working fine on 1.7.8, but you have to turn off the scoreboards via the config: those currently lag like hell in 1.7.8.

    Edit: I edited the front page to let others know as well.

    Last edited Apr 18, 2014 by blablubbabc
  • Avatar of MrKettling MrKettling Apr 18, 2014 at 15:58 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey blablubbabc, At first: Your Plugin is pretty nice! Its supports mutch and u can configure EVERYTHING!!! Like! Best Plugin i saw till yet. BUT: I have two server: The first one is only with one map and this plugin and the second one has 16 Maps and 22 Plugins. They are both on the same server. But the first Plugin needs as more RAM as the second one! Its not playable because the server are lagging as hard on 1.7.8! Please make a release for 1.7.8

  • Avatar of Dennis000903 Dennis000903 Apr 18, 2014 at 12:24 UTC - 0 likes


    Minigames are really good.

  • Avatar of Dennis000903 Dennis000903 Apr 18, 2014 at 11:57 UTC - 0 likes

    How I can change the Language-Files without resetting?

  • Avatar of blablubbabc blablubbabc Apr 17, 2014 at 05:59 UTC - 0 likes

    @Polishgaming: Go

    Short answer: nope, those things are currently not possible.

    However, team colors might be configurable, maybe having an option to randomize them completly or set team colors per arena. However i might also have to add settings which allow changing of team selection commands, because "red" and "blue" dont make sense then anymore..

    I am not completly sure what you mean with "customizable kits". It is planned to allow other plugin devs to create new weapons and gadgets. Also there might be something at a later point to convert crackshotguns into paintball weapons.

    However there are currently no plans yet to let players create kits or simal in game (by combineing weapons). That however might be possible in the future as well as soon as the rewrite of paintball and the api for it are done.

    New winning conditions will be part of new gamemodes.

    I am not completly sure what you mean with per world economies: if vault supports that and you are missing a setting for the world name for the vaultrewards, then i might be able to add such a world setting.

  • Avatar of Polishgaming Polishgaming Apr 17, 2014 at 05:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Is there a way to make custom kits/classes like on hypixel, and can there be 2 teams? Can the teams have customizable colors like green, purple, white, and yellow? Is there also a way to make respawns unlimited and the winning team win with most kills after 5 minutes? Per-world economy support too? Thanks, Polish

  • Avatar of blablubbabc blablubbabc Apr 15, 2014 at 22:49 UTC - 0 likes

    @Areadin: Go

    I don't completly understand what problem you try to describe.. :(

    The paintballs should fly quite further then half a block. The should even fly faster and further than normal snowballs, if you didn't changed their default speed multiplicator in the config.

    So if you talking about that the snowballs are only dropping and not being shot properly: check your server log for errors or server freezes and try with the latest craftbukkit build. The one i tested with worked fine..

  • Avatar of Areadin Areadin Apr 15, 2014 at 22:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks! It worked! Now I have one more question... (I know, I'm kind of a pain in the ass) When players shoot the paint balls they start out with, the travel about half a block. And to kill someone, they need to be practically inside of the opponent. Can I fix this? Is it supposed to be that way until they buy things? I don't need the shop idea, I just want to set the configuration for it so that players only have to shoot the balls in their hands just like any other vanilla snow ball. That'd be great!

  • Avatar of blablubbabc blablubbabc Apr 15, 2014 at 12:44 UTC - 0 likes

    @TheOnlyRealTGS: Go

    I don't want users to force to to use some other plugin for that, and I don't want to have to support different sources for player uuids in the converter then (because it's uneeded additional work on my side).

    Running the UUIDCollector additional (to the oneuuid plugin or other similar plugins) shouldn't be a noticeable hit in performance decrease or any other sort of additonal trouble. Also you can remove the uuid collector and the stored uuids again after conversion, if you no longer need those data then.

    I doubt that the potential 'loss' of the few player uuids (if some uuids are already stored by oneuuid but not by UUIDCollector', and those players change their name before joining the server again) doesn't statisfy the additonal work of adding support for different sources of player uuids (oneuuid might not be the only possible other source).


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