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Pest Control

If you find some, let us know! We hate creepy-crawlies! :D

Here are some hints about the common reported problems:

Hint: If you rename or delete your world, then it is very likely, that the saved locations inside this world (lobby and arena spawns) are messed up. You will need to remove and reset these spawn points first (before you remove/rename your world). Otherwise paintball wil regenerate the world in order to garantee to still work.

Hint: If the balls seem to not hit it's very likely that the server/world the arena is in does not have pvp enabled (set to true). It needs to have pvp=true in the server properties and in the world settings (if you us a world management plugin, like for ex. Multiverse) in order to be able to detect the ball hits (the ball "damage"). If you want to block pvp everywhere else outside of your arena's you have to use a plugin like WorldGuard to set this up. Between, it doesn't matter if you use a plugin (like WorldGuard) to "enable" pvp inside the arena "regions": it only matters that the server/world has pvp potentially enabled. Things like WorldGuard region settings can be ignored by Paintball, but things like the server/world pvp settings can not.

Hint: If the balls doesn't hit, but you made sure that pvp is enabled and if you try to leave the lobby it says "You are not in the lobby" or you receive messages duplicated, then you probably use some plugins which "modifies" the server's internals in a way that Paintball cannot handle it. An example for such a plugin is currently CommandSigns. So I suggest you to not use it to create command signs with it which can be used inside the paintball lobby/matches or to join paintball.

Hint: Depending on your system, the language file can sometimes not be loaded because of special characters in it. This can even create "fake errors" saying "somthing is missing" etc., but the real problem are the special characters. So if problems occur with the loading of your language file, check it for special characters and replace them first.
Since v1.1.9 you can also try to encode you language file via an editor which supports that ( to UTF-8 (without BOM) and set the "Language File Encoding" inside the config to UTF-8 too. Then it should be possible to load the common special characters.

Hint: If you have some problem / bug or incompatibility to an other plugin, you can always look into the config.yml if it is caused by a feature which can be disabled. Usually you want to disable the scoreobarod or chat features in case some other plugin is causing issues.

Because the plugin is a constant work-in-progress and is changing a lot and there are always issues coming and going, I recommend you to come around here often to do not miss any new version with some new and important fixes or hints about newly found bugs!

Some info on how to report a bug or getting help:

Create a ticket or leave a comment (in english or german language only please) at the front page page, in the forum (tab at the top of the site). But please don't post giant error stacktraces at the front page. Those will get deleted as spam.
The preferred way to get response is through a ticket though.

Please take care to choose the right category on ticket creation, so we don't have the effort to change it on our own.


Supply a detailed description about: when the bug occurs, under which circumstances, errors on server start, errors then bug occurs, plugin list, configurations, versions of plugin, version of bukkit, more logs, screenshots, videos, etc etc etc .. ..

Also, many issues can be caused by other plugins interferring with paintball in strange ways, so please try to reproduce your issue on a fresh test server with only paintball running as well, or find out which other plugins is probably causing the issue so I can take a deeper look at it. I don't have the time to analyze ALL the plugins you are running on your server, so please try to tackle down the problem to as less plugins as possible.

The more information you provide, the better are the chances to get the bug fixed early.

Some info on how to help us even more:

  • Check the already existing tickets and help us finding a bug with additional, not yet known information.
  • Check the existing tickets, if some bug is already fixed/ not occuring anymore in your opinion. We sometimes let tickets stay opend, until the fix is approved by someone for example by the ticket creator.. (so please check out at least your tickets regularly).

Known incompatibilities:

  • Herochat: the "Chat features only visible for paintballers" is not compatible with their way of handling chat: they currently completely ignore when a plugin (ex. Paintball) removes players from the recipient list of bukkit's chat event. I will definitely not hook into their events or api for this as this could easily be "fixed"/changed on their side.
  • the "Chat features only visible for paintballers" is also not compatible with Factions faction-relation-color, as this chat tag will be replaced by factions after paintball handles the event. I will probably change paintball in the future to only print it's own "chat format", without other plugin's chat tags, while players are playing paintball.
  • Paintball possible interferes with plugins that make players invisible to each other, because Paintball will try to make them visible again while in the lobby.
  • Paintball might interfere with all kinds of scoreboard plugins (ex. Featherboard). In case you run into problems try disabling paintball's scoreboard features in the config.