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Ideas (for now ONLY ideas)

  • way too many :D
  • Weapon cooldowns / limited weapon usages
  • join matches even (shortly) after match start
  • protection vests
  • arena rating
  • changeable weapon items
  • collectable powerups and other collectable stuff
  • more Gadgets and unique weapons, which can be sold by the shop
  • abilities (perks)
  • Display the actual leading player (hits/kills) ingames nameplate like a "»«" or something.
  • Options to modify arena-rotation (maybe use size-categories of the arenas, playlists, disable/enable arenas)
  • MySQL support (for online stats)
  • Wagers
  • Multiple matches at the same time (multiple lobbies)
  • letting players create and manage own arenas
  • More teams
  • "Private" matches
  • Fixed teams and tournaments
  • Top signs
  • killstreak announcments and gifts
  • some sort of anti-camp
  • intelligent spawn
  • Best player (per match/general) and more points for killing this player, OR maybe getting points according to the targets rank
  • option for broadcasting the match-result
  • Automatic team-correction
  • More diverse permissions. Not sure if with that, cause permissions is currently very simple to settup.
  • allow more dynamic stuff! (join/leave active matches dynamic as spectator)
  • fire extras (flame thrower, explosive stuff which creates mooore fire, ..)
  • gamemodes (ctf, free4all, capture 1 flag, conquer the island, paintball-spleef, ..)
  • put dead players in spectator mode
  • NPC's for the top players
  • Keep bought items [in the lobby / on repsawns]
  • Buy items in the lobby
  • "reload"-time
  • more weapons
  • stationary turrets players can use
  • options for messages, who shall receive them (broadcast, lobby, match player, alive, world)
  • map destruction
  • settings for paintball only servers with multiple servers: block joining the server, if there is a match in progress; kicking after match end
  • arena renaming
  • colored tag names in the lobby depedning on their team/lobbygroup
  • automatically run configurable commands on match end and for each winning/losing player, together with some player variable
  • team chat
  • top signs/heads
  • as admin give gadgets/weapons via command in match

Post and discuss your ideas here!

What COULD be added, what should be changed.


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