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Project Owner Updated
Stack mobs in a highly efficient way to decrease server and FPS lag.
_ForgeUser12479857 Sep 18, 2016
Remove lag on your Bukkit server with this easy to use plugin
walshydev Aug 26, 2016
Clears lag on your server!
austindarttwitch May 17, 2016
Lets you check the server lag, in ticks-per-second
TheLunarFrog Mar 2, 2016
Can Be Used To Notify A Player If They Are Lagging
_ForgeUser22638119 Nov 27, 2015
Make sure the server hasn't lagged out!
_ForgeUser16313428 Oct 17, 2015
Clears items, that drop on player death! Reduces Lagg!
_ForgeUser10791527 Sep 3, 2015
Simple, lag-free, fake op plugin that you can use to troll your players!
_ForgeUser20506811 Jun 14, 2015
Reduce or remove all server lag, Use 2x less ram as before!
Mrchasez May 28, 2015
A simple plugin, to check of your server has any lagg, and any lagg fixes
_ForgeUser13984744 Nov 19, 2014
This plugin will allow you to test if your server has lag on it.
_ForgeUser12053565 Nov 6, 2014
A plugin that can make massive edits to the world without lagging it.
Forge_User_93956476 Jul 30, 2014
Protect your chests, furnaces, hoppers and much more in style without lagging out your server!
Forge_User_69495925 Jul 28, 2014
Have you ever wanted McPvP's Lag plugin? Then this is the plugin for you!
Forge_User_77565075 Jun 29, 2014
Reduce lagg from you server without players knowing.
james137137 May 20, 2014
Checks Lag and issues a warning to OP's when resuorces are low
_ForgeUser9224633 May 11, 2014
MercilessNoRain is an extremly lightweight plugin that removes rain which can cause lag.
Forge_User_72292994 Apr 7, 2014
Cancel domage or death, due to a lag or regen, when a player log on or is teleported.
tabinol Mar 28, 2014
Possibly the greatest anti-lag plugin there is!
_ForgeUser6969542 Mar 26, 2014
Limit Pointless Mob Spawns + Reduce Lag!
_ForgeUser7682724 Feb 24, 2014
LagFixer will increase your server performance! Lightweight and efficient at the same time!
Forge_User_74148228 Jan 9, 2014
Jikoo_K Jan 8, 2014
Lag client side, this plugin will hide players and disable in and out coming chat on command...
_ForgeUser10666081 Dec 7, 2013
Hide Other Players To reduce Lag!
_ForgeUser10222883 Nov 30, 2013
Tool for culling zombies to reduce lag, while getting "pet" zombies with names
_ForgeUser6960228 Nov 25, 2013