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== ZGames ==
Z-Games will be a new kind of PvE arena. It is a zombie survival game that will keep track of your zombie kills and give you points. at the end of a 10 minute interval the player with the most points receives one item of choice. You will be able to join the game through /z-spawn or by right clicking a sign with the specified contents. You will be able to edit a large portion of this plugin through the config.yml

=== Test Server ===
we have a non-24/7 test server so that you can see our progress throughout development.
1.3.1 server!!!

==== Alpha 0.4.0 ====
Still reads as 0.3.5 in the console
added /z-setspawn (actually sets the spawn)
added /z-spawn (actually teleports you)

The spawns are not saved between reloads.


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