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This plugin currently just has two commands the first one is /youtube which tells the player what the youtube channel is. And /twitch which tells what the twitch channel is for the server. It is configurable.


    description: Sends YouTube Channel Information
    aliases: yt
    usage: /<command> [link]
    description: Sends Twitch Channel Information
    usage: /<command> [link]
    description: Sends Beam Channel Information
    usage: /<command> [link]
    description: Sends Ustream Channel Information
    usage: /<command> [link]
    description: Sends LiveCoding Channel Information
    description: Sends Hitbox Channel Information
    usage: /<command> [link]

Optional Params

  • /youtube record <url> | Broadcasts that the user is recording with the link to youtube channel
  • /youtube record <-server> | Broadcasts that the server is recording with link to youtube channel
  • /twitch stream <url> | Broadcasts that the users is streaming on Twitch
  • /twitch stream <-server> | Broadcasts that the server is streaming

Permission Nodes

  • ytp.* | Allows all permissions
  • ytp.s | Allows usage of streaming command
  • ytp.r | Allows usage of recording command

Change Log

    • v2.5 - Added HitBox Support & Fixed Minor Bugs
    • v2.4 - Changed File Structure of Plugin Around
    • v2.3 - Added Ustream & LiveCoding Support
    • v2.2 - Added Beam Support
    • v1.7.8 - Fixed Permissions, and added new permissions, and made a maven project

      • v1.7.6 - Fixed Permissions, need to work on permission denied messages.
      • v1.7.5 - Version Not Released, but fixed permission spelling errors
      • v1.7.2 - Fixed some spacing errors when you did /twitch stream -server
        • Fixed Metrics
        • Updated Plugin Description if you did /version youtubeplus
    • v1.7 - Fixed Console Errors, added new permissions, and registered /yt as alias. Added some optional Params to the /youtube and /twitch commands
    • v1.5 - Fixed command breakage possibility if you used an alias plugin. Also, added a new alias of /yt which is the same as /youtube

Future Updates

  • Add Language Translations
  • Add More Options as such what livestream provider you want to use or add. Such as livestream, and etc.


This plugin does have ability to submit statistics to

Things that Metrics Collect:

  • Java Version
  • OS Version
  • Plugin Version
  • Server Version (ie: what version of craftbukkit or spigot you are using)
  • Server Location
  • System Arch

Servers can opt-out by going into the PluginMetrics folder and selecting config.yml and changing opt-out from false to true; Which will prevent it from submitting the metrics. Also the Metrics are anonymous, Find the plugins stats here

You can access my github page at which will allow you to do pull and push requests.


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