Well, this is a simple friends system for Bukkit, more useful for major servers in my opinion. It acquires the fundamentals for viewing online/offline, adding, deleting or nudging your friends for attention. This also includes various configurable options to suit your needs.



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  • Basic functionality of viewing, adding, deleting or nudging your friends.
  • Enable notification sounds on friend join/leave.
  • Display friends list on join.
  • Limit the amount of friends players can have.
  • Enable below player name scoreboards to distinguish between friend or player.


Permission: yourfriends.use - Command Aliases: Use /yf if you're lazy :p

/yourfriends list - List online/offline friends
/yourfriends add <player> - Add players as your friends
/yourfriends delete <player> - Delete friends from your friend list
/yourfriends accept <player> - Accept pending friend requests
/yourfriends reject <player> - Reject pending friend requests
/yourfriends nudge <friend> - Nudge your friend


# True if you want users to be notified when a friend joins/leaves the server.
notify-on-join: true
notify-on-leave: true
# The sound to play to notify players.
notification-sound: NOTE_PLING
# True to display online friends when joining the server.
show-friends: false
# To display distinguishable scoreboards below players name.
# <COLOUR>:<1-Enable/0-Disable> Usage: 'AQUA:0' To Disable.
show-scoreboard: 'AQUA:1'
# The amount of friends players can have.
friend-limit: 30

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