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This used paper 1.19.2! it might work whit craft bukkit or spigot 1.19.2 but its not tested


This makes mincraft a bit harder whit these moduals

  • Redemtion: Handling(suport for this requires a affiliated twitch channel)
  • Crafting: A dnd ish based crafting check when whanting to craft you might fail and lose most components of the recipie
  • Shared dammage: .... You and any members on the server share dammage
  • Dnd combat: Harder combat system
  • Exlosiv bed: The bed exploads like in the nether but in the overworld
  • Random events: Some fun things can random happen(not avalible thru config command yet)
  • Hard mobs: WIP Harder mobs
  • Custome combat: WIP Remade version of the combat system
  • Chat read: WIP makes you sometimes unable to read chat messages


Thise moduals are not configurible yet

  • Exploading ores: The ores... explodes
  • Fall dammage: The fall dammage is remade so you can ether take a big or a small amount of dammage from falling short distences



  • start-events: Starts the random events. When started a server restart is required to stop
  • connect: Connects the plugin to a twitch chat for the redemtions
  • disconnect: Disconnects from a twitch channel WIP
  • send: Sends a message to all connected twitch chats
  • chat: Connects the minecraft/twitch chat to the other for easy reading/sending of messages
  • grace: Adds a grace time for redemtions
  • stat: Returns the stats you have(restes at server restart)
  • config: Edit a setting from the first list
  • settings: returns a list of all settings and the state thay are in


To be added

Note this list might be out of date



I'm one student doing this on my freetime so it can take time betwen relises



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