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WorldSelector is a World Selector plugin. And yes, I am aware that that is pretty obvious, but I needed something to start the description with. Going on. The plugin allows for you to select an item that, when right clicked, will open a gui with a list of worlds to teleport to. Very useful if you have a non-bungee server with multiple worlds .


¤ Right click a configurable item (by default compass), to open a GUI with a world selection.
¤ Everything is configurable: GUI name, displayed items, amount of slots, the item names(allows for colors) and whether they glow as if they are enchanted. More options coming with every update.
¤ Using permissions you can make certain worlds display only to people with the correct permission, others will see an empty slot (configurable).
¤ Change the worlds in which the GUI can be opened. This ensures the item to open the GUI doesn't become useless in normal Minecraft.
¤ New: Up to 54 slots, completely customisable.

¤ New: 1.8 Compatibility!

Commands and Permissions

Allows the access to the main command /worldselector and its subcommands.
The subcommands are:
reload - Reloads the config file
setspawn - Sets the point where players going to that world will spawn
getworld - Gets the world name

reference - Opens an inventory with 54 slots, with all slots numbered. This allows for an easy reference when creating your GUI.
debug - Starts the debug. Use this when you run into error. It should be user-friendly and help you with finding the error.
addworld - Add the world you are in to the list of allowed worlds (You can also do this from the config). In allowed worlds the compass (or what you specified) can be used as world selector. In other worlds it will just act like a normal item.
x can be any number between 1-54. Everyone has this permission by default. If you do not have the permission for example for slot 5, than whatever item is displayed in slot 5 is not displayed to you, but instead the item from the config called "replacement" will be shown. This allows you to have certain worlds accessible only to staff.



  item: COMPASS
<span style="color: #000000;">  # The item that will be used to open the gui: 
</span>  inventory-name: "&amp;cWorld Selector"
  # The name of the GUI
  #List of world names in which right clicking the specified item will result in the GUI opening
    - world

  # The settings for the first slot
    # The item displayed in the first slot. Go over to for the correct item names.
    damage-value: 0
     # Damage value. You can use this to specify 'sub-blocks', e.g. a special colored wool
    amount: 1
    # Amount of the specified item that are displayed.
    name: "&amp;aPVP"
    # Name of the item that is displayed. Supports colors.
    glowing: true
    # If set to true the item will glow like it is enchanted
      enabled: false
      # If enabled clicking the item will result in teleport.
      destination: 'world'
      # The destination of the teleport. Make sure to first set the worldselector spawn in that world!
# The last one is a special one:
    item: AIR
    damage-value: 0
    amount: 1
    name: '&aNAME'
    glowing: true
       enabled: false
       destination: world
# The 'replacement' is what will show up to anyone if the miss the permission required to view a certain slot. Go to "Commands and Permission" for more info.

# Once you set the spawn the coordinates of each world will show up down here


(The config shows up very weird for some reason, and I seem not to able to stop it. If anything confuses you either pm me or search for the Spigot page of the plugin. The config does show up there.)

An example GUI:
The same GUI, but now for someone who doesn't have the permission worldselector.slot.6:


   1. Download the plugin
   2. Drop the .jar file in your /plugins folder
   3. Restart or reload the server
   4. Configure the config.yml.

(Please don't get scared from the big list, its very easy. I just tend to over specify things)
To use the plugin, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the worlds you want as destination, and get the name of the world using /worldselector getname. Remember it or write it down somewhere.
  2. Go to the config, and edit the list of displayed items. Please check the Config section if anything confuses you.
  3. In the config, set for every item you want to use to telport "enabled" to true, and add the worldname you got from '/worldselector getname'.
  4. Go to the destination world and use '/worldselector setspawn' to set the point players will get teleported to.
  5. Go to the world you travel from, get the name and add it to the list of allowed worlds in the config.
  6. Go to the config, and select the item players must use to open the gui, by default the compass.
  7. If everything went correctly, opening the compass will now display the correct list of items, and clicking on one should teleport you to the correct world.


Planned features
¤ Lore
¤ Placeholders for said lore

¤ Multiple pages support.

Please go over to my Discord if you found a bug or have any other question about the plugin.
I would love to here any suggestions for future updates ;)


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