WorldGuard Resource Pack Flag

WorldGuard Resource Pack Flag

"WorldGuard" extension to set a serverside resourcepack URL for single WorldGuard regions.

How to use this?

This plugin adds a new region flag to worldguard: "texturepack".
The flags name is still texturepack to guarantee compatibility to older versions of this plugin.
A player inside a region with this flag set will see the world with the given resourcepack. You should not use this flag too often as the client needs some seconds to load the resourcepack.

So simply use the usual worldguard region command, like this:

/region flag <region> texturepack

to make the client use the given resourcepack, or:

/region flag <region> texturepack

to set the flag back to default value (nothing).

The plugin does not reset the resourcepack back to default as Minecraft does not offer a method for this. If you want the resources to be reset you can simply set the value of the flag in the __global__ region to your default server texture pack or an empty zip-folder which is uploaded on any server. If you do not know where to host this file you can use this one: .


  • none yet :)


The plugin requires the latest WorldGuard Custom Flags and WorldGuard Region Events.

Click here for some other plugins using WorldGuard Custom Flags.

Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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