WorldGuard Explosion Flags


WorldGuard Explosion Flags allows you to block certain explosion types in WorldGuard regions, depending on their source. It also blocks the destruction of blocks inside the region if there was an explosion next to the region.

Click here for a list of the supported explosion types.

It adds two new flags:

  • deny-explosions: deny explosions of the given explosion types
  • allow-explosions: allow explosions that have been forbidden in a parent region


/region flag no-tnt deny-explosions tnt

You can also use the any flag to block any kind of explosion:

/region flag no-explosion deny-explosions any

You can also use both together to provide a whitelist of explosion types:

/region flag creeper deny-explosions any
/region flag creeper allow-explosions creeper

As you see the flags are used as any other WorldGuard flag.

The plugin requires WorldGuard Custom Flags.

Click here for some other plugins using WorldGuard Custom Flags.

Problems ?

If you have problems with this plugin read the F.A.Q.. If this did not help you, you can receive help here.


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