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As of 11/05/2013 I'm no longer working on this project. I haven't played vanilla/Bukkit in a very long time, updates are becoming tedious and break often requiring rewrites, and I'm not enjoying development any more. The last uploaded version for 1.5.1 works fine (aside from the importing), and there's a chance it will also work across updates, but moving to another plugin, such as MultiInv, is highly recommended - you should also be able to import settings in to it.


Switch any of the following player information when teleporting between groups of worlds:

  • Inventory,
  • Armour,
  • Ender Chest contents,
  • Potion effects,
  • Health,
  • Hunger,
  • Experience,
  • Game mode.

Player information is separated in to small YAML files (that you can edit) based on groups. Designed to be fast, simple and easy to use.

Want to keep existing player information? Use the vanilla import option as outlined in the configuration example. Players will get a blank inventory by default if you don't import data first!

Need to chat, notify me of a bug, suggest a feature or try and get some help? Go to the IRC channel! (information down in Links)

How to use

Simply put WorldInventories in the Bukkit plugins folder, run it once, edit the config file it creates. An example is included below (with an explanation of each configuration option).

Any worlds not included in groups share a "default" group.

Changes in 1.7.0

Importing support for files previous to v5 has been dropped. This was necessary to clean the project up (just look at the GitHub page if you want proof!) and make it easier to maintain. If you need to import previous to this, use 1.6 as a go-between. Vanilla importing still works fine.

Other changes and additions:

  • Added message hiding granularity (hide specific message types, on login for example),
  • Added language support,
  • Massive code cleanup,
  • Event priorities changed a bit, should improve compatibility with other mods,
  • Built against 1.5.1,
  • Added API - tell me if you would like something added to it!

A note about the dev builds: All importing is currently broken. I'm fixing vanilla importing, it will involve using the OpenInv plugin to load offline player inventories. OpenInv is optional and only required when doing the vanilla import.

Language support

As of 1.7.0 a new file, langs.yml, will be created on the first plugin run. A new configuration option, "language: en_GB" will also be generated.

To add a new language:

  • Run the new version once, it'll generate lang.yml in the same place as config.yml, and add "language: en_GB" to the config as a default,
  • Open lang.yml, copy one of the sections and call it something (preferably the country code),
  • Set "language" to whatever you called it, save,
  • Either do "/wireload language" or restart the server, check the console to see if there were any errors when trying to load your new language.

If you add a different language please let me know, I can add it to the defaults!

Why no SQL support?

For a plugin like this, it isn't necessary. Files are very, very small (you'd probably hit 10kb for a player with a completely full inventory), load extremely quickly and are fast to copy and backup as they are.

If you disagree with me, provide a performance report to me on IRC (there are lots of plugins to profile performance) and I'll think about it again.

Configuration example (with explanations)

Version 1.7.0

# A "group" is a collection of worlds which will share an inventory.
#  In this example there are two groups, a creative and a survival group
#  Each group has an overworld and a nether, which will share an inventory

# Inventory switching examples
# Scenarios when the inventory will not switch:
#  creative_overworld to creative_nether
#  survival_nether to survival_overworld
#  survival_end to survival_overworld
# Scenarios when the inventory will switch:
#   creative_overworld to survival_end
#   survival_nether to creative_nether

    - creative_overworld
    - creative_nether
    - survival_overworld
    - survival_nether
    - survival_end

# Add a player to the "exempt" collection to make this plugin ignore them completely
#  No saves, loads or anything else done by this plugin will apply to them until you remove them from the list

  - exampleplayer
  - exampleplayer2

# This is deprecated as of 1.7.0 - use message-hidden at the bottom instead!
# donotifications: true

# Set this to true to make WorldInventories attempt to import MultiInv data
#  Automatically sets itself to false when an attempt is made
domiimport: false

# Set "miimportmode" to the integer identifier of the mode WI should import from (eg, 0 for MI survival)
miimportmode: 0

# Set to true to make hearts, food level, experience and such track with inventory
dostats: true

# If a save interval is specified below, set this to false to stop it from outputting to the console
outputtimertoconsole: true

# Set to anything above 30 to make inventories/stats save automatically every x seconds
saveinterval: 0

# Set "do78import" to true to force a conversion of the pre build 78 files for use in newer versions
#  Automatically resets itself to false on an attempt
do78import: false

# Set "do141import" to true to force a conversion of the pre version 1.4.1 files for use in newer versions
#  Automatically resets itself to false on an attempt
do141import: false

# Set "dovanillaimport" to true to attempt an import of the items and stats stored in players player.dat file
#  Set "vanillatogroup" to the group you want to import to. If blank it will use the default group.
dovanillaimport: false

# When this plugin loads it will automatically try to convert pre build 78 files and add "auto78updated: true" to this file if successful
# When this plugin loads it will automatically try to convert pre version 1.4.1 files and add "auto141updated: true" to this file if successful
# Set "dogamemodeswitch" to true and add groups to gamemodes as per the example to enforce gamemodes
#  SURVIVAL, CREATIVE or HARDCORE at the time of writing (follows Bukkit's names)

  default: SURVIVAL
  creativegroup: CREATIVE
  survivalgroup: SURVIVAL

dogamemodeswitch: false

# Below are 1.7.0 and above

# Set language to something stored in lang.yml
language: en_GB

# To hide a particular message type, set any of these to true
  died-message: false
  changed-message: false
  nochange-message: false
  loaded-message: false

Commands & Permissions

There are two commands as of 1.5.7:

  • /wireload: Reloads the configuration,
  • /wiexempt [add/remove] [player]: Add or remove the player from the exemptions list (whether the plugin does anything to their information specifically, e.g. when they switch a world).

In 1.7.0 the reload command changed slightly:

  • /wireload [all/language]: Reloads the entire configuration or just the language.

There are also two permissions:

  • worldinventories.reload: Allows the use of the /wireload command,
  • worldinventories.exempt: Allows the use of the /wiexempt command.


This work is distributed under the BSD 2-Clause license. Read the license

This plugin also uses XStream. Read the XStream license

Links / Download

Bukkit require me to include this notice when linking Jenkins builds, like the one below.

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Use IRC for new build notifications, telling me about issues and getting faster help!


(Only shows stats for version 1.4.1 and above)


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