Minecraft 1.16 – 1.19

Requires Java 16 !


Core API that provides an API and Utils for plugins based on Spigot.



APIs & Utils

  • API is plugin dependent, which means there is one instance of the API per plugin.
  • Utils are plugin independent. They can be used everywhere.
  • Registry is bound to the core of WolfyUtilities, but can be accessed from anywhere.



  • Inventory - Functional API to create in-game GUIs.
  • Language - Load JSON based language files and support multiple languages for GUIs, messages, etc.
  • Chat - Send translatable messages, text click event callbacks, and more.
  • Config - Simple config utilities.
  • NMS - Fully featured NBTTag API, custom RecipeIterator, and some block and Inventory Utils.
  • CustomItems - Create flexible custom items with settings like custom fuel, durability, actions, etc.



The Registry is the base of all custom content in WolfyUtilities and the plugins that build on it. It allows you to register types & objects under unique namespaced keys. That not only allows the plugin to register things like CustomItems, etc., but it can be extended by other plugins too.



  • NamespacedKey - Unique key for all registrable content.
  • JSON - Various Jackson utils that simplify de-/serialization
    • Custom de-/serializer for Bukkit objects
    • Easy de-/serialization from Registry values
      • Object (See @OptionalKeyReference)
      • Type to object (See @KeyedTypeIdResolver & @KeyedTypeResolver)
  • Particles - Configure custom particle effects & animations using JSON.
  • RandomCollection - Weight based random collection.
  • Reflection - Basic Reflection Utils.
  • Player Head utils to set textures and more.
  • Basic MySQL connection to run queries and updates.
  • ItemBuilder to edit/create ItemStacks.
  • Save player specific data.


Plugins using WolfyUtilities



CustomCrafting is heavily based on these APIs and Utils, and is more of an extension than standalone plugin.
CustomCrafting especially makes use of the InventoryAPI to create and manage the in-game RecipeCreators. The JSON utils are used to load/save recipes & items from/to JSON, and to allow for custom settings inside the json files.



For documentation and issues, visit GitHub!

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