Minecraft 1.15 - 1.17.1

Java 16 required!


With WolfyUtilities you can easily create your in-game GUIs

You can easily create configs and create a Language system for your plugins.
It also includes Utils for WorldGuard, PlotSquared, LWC.
The Inventory API allows you to create functional in-game GUIs.
Create windows, buttons, and cache data for in-game editors, etc.

The NMS API provides some basic cross-version functionality.
For example, some NMS API features are:
  • MCByteBuf - Implementation of Minecraft's byte buffer with ItemStack support.
  • RecipeUtil - Get type specific recipe iterators, instead of Spigots, that contains any recipe type.
  • NBTUtil + NBTItem - Lets you edit the NBT of an item. Create your own NBTCompounds, etc.

For documentation and issues, visit GitHub!



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