Winter Slash [new minigame]

Winter Slash

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NEW RELEASE version 1.10

Please send us your gameplay, report issues!

Major features

  • Rounds - The game now has 2 - 4 rounds depending on the number of players
  • Killstreaks - Care packages, random potions, dogs
  • AutoJoin - Join the first empty arena
  • Easy arena management
  • Money rewards


Description & Game Goal:

There are two teams in this game, red and green. They start off with a few items and the point is to freeze the other team. The team who freezes the opposing team first wins. Players can also unfreeze teammates.

Game Mechanics:

When a player gets killed he will auto-respawn on his place of death with an ice block on his head and won't be able to move. He will stay frozen until another teammate comes by an unfreezes him by repeatedly hitting him with a certain tool. While unfreezing you can't defend yourself. When the player is unfrozen he will be able to continue playing normally.


descriptionLine 1Line 2
Join arena sign/joinsign<arenaname>
Force start sign/forcestart<arenaname>
Heavy Class/class heavy
Light Class/class light
Archer Class/class recon

The force start sign must be in the arena lobby as it can be only punched by players that are in it.

The classes signs need to be placed in the lobby room!


/ws help- get list of all commands (mods will see mod commands, players will see player commands)
/ws list- get list of arenas
/ws join- join random arena
/ws join <arenaname>- join arena
/ws leave- leave arena
/ws setred- set red spawn for arena
/ws setgreen- set green spawn for arena
/ws setlobby- set lobby spawn for arena
/ws create <arenaname> <min players>- after setting spawns use this command to create the arena
/ws award <number>- set winning team money award (requires Vault)
/ws remove <arenaname>- deletes arena

Installation & Permissions

WinterSlash is compatible with Vault, if you want to reward the winning team.

By default OP can use all commands.

For Players:

  • winterslashusers.*

For Game-masters:

  • winterslash.*

In-Game Setup

Spanish video by FeerBreezy (someone please also make an English version if you have time) Link to Video

Video is outdated. If someone makes a new one PM me!

Please report bugs and leave feedback!



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