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arboriginal sent two massive PRs. Thank you but dang these release notes gonna b hard. I'm generally lean on features so it aint as ez 4 me 2 keep up on huge diffs lol. if u wanna edit this arboriginal feel free to do so.


At least he did add something of a changelog to the PRs, so I'll just copy those for now.



  • Write the existing permissions in plugin.yml
  • Add dynamic permission to use /wild [world]
  • Add permission to be exempt of charges (global or per world)
  • Add autocompletion to commands
  • When a TP has a cost, you can have a confirmation message (clickable)
  • Allows to configure signs text (activator + displayed)
  • Add %COST% placeholder for signs text
  • Allows to use world aliases on sign instead of long world name
    (which won't work because the plugin can't recognize it)
  • Allows cooldown to be global or per world
  • Now, almost all parameters can be overridden per world
  • Handle the config differently: Now no need to maintain default values
    in both code and default resources/config.yml (which was outdated BTW),
    they will be taken directly from the resources/config.yml
    • new parameters put inside will be injected in existing config files.
  • Change also how Messages.yml is generated to inject missing (or new)
    sentences in existing files (This could help in next versions).
  • Add dropPlayerFromHeight in config to set a value for dropPlayerFromAbove
    dropin height (because for example, some plugin / datapacks,
    like endAboveOverworld, could create issues.
    Also because some admins would prefer players not fall from too high)
  • (dropPlayerFromHeight also Fix sound being stopped before played entirely
    in some cases: With endAboveOverworld for example, the previously
    hard coded height of 300 caused tp in end, then re-tp in overworld...)
  • (this also fix /back broke, at least with essentials, for same cases)
  • Add %X% and %Z% placeholders in commands
  • Add documentation in plugin.yml and config.yml (see note below)
  • Change commands return values (because now that usage is filled in
    plugin.yml, this had to be clean not to send it to player for no reasons)
  • A few changes in the code, like reuse existing methods instead
    of exec the same instructions (reuse TooWildForEnums.translate for example)
  • A few code improvements here and there (see TooWildForEnums for example)
  • A few code clean: Remove unused imports, ...
  • (github) Actualize the README.md file.


  • perf improvements, like tell in comment above PortalzGoneWild
  • another perf improvement: calc world bounds once, not each RTP
  • (minor) store translated string with chat colors preprocessed,
    instead of parsing colors each time they're used.
  • Add a configurable bossbar "TP in X sec"
  • Add autocompletion for portals name in /wildtp delete command.
  • Add coords in portals list with /wildtp list (clickable, see below)
  • Add new permission + command to tp to a portal
  • Add configurable potion effect when rtp (per world + per type)
  • Removed "no world edit" with commands => As WE is not required
  • Now you can choose if portals bypass cooldown or not (per world)
  • Also per world: Can choose to freeze player while waiting for tp
    or letting him move without to cancel the tp.
  • Add new dynamic permissions (for /wild [player] [world])
  • Allows to tp another player to given world (resolves #33 issue)
  • Fix glitch: player cancel a rtp then fall and received no damages
  • fixed another potential glitch, when in delay to wait the rtp
    and drop is enabled, no fall was enabled (before to be tp),
    and depending on tp wait: can be inactive when really tp.
  • Also prevent now to use /wild while falling
  • Fix buggy COLLDOWN message + allows to translate time parts
    (this also resolves #42 Github issue - See note below for users)
  • improvements in RandomLocationSearchTask & refactoring
    (mainly by using internal fields instead of variables
    which was calculated in several methods before).
  • same for TeleportGoneWild class: refactoring / restructuring
  • Merge signchange & signclick (also sign break in fact)
  • Merge pre & post teleport listeners
  • Make IInventoryHolder an internal class of GeeYouEye,
    as it only contain a single method, with single instruction,
    • only used by GeeYouEye. => Add an option to disable GUI too.
  • Check player balance before searching random location (pay after)
  • Fix directional TP (min / max were never sent to search class...)
  • Allows to translate directions, and time parts (h, min, sec, ...)
  • Allows to choose if tp from command / sign / portal
    can bypass delay / cooldown / cost (per world)
  • Prevent to override an existing portal without forcing in command
    • add a way to cancel the process (click same block)
  • Add checks when creating portals to prevent portals in portals
  • Allows to set size limit for portals (per world)
  • Allows to ignore portals for specific gamemodes (per world)
  • Code cleaning and refactoring, also remove unused class Cashier
  • Change variables encoding to UTF-1337 & write stupid comments