[THE ONE TRUE WILD TP] Teleports to random location with no sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI


WildernessTp (Best WildTP plogen, ask anyone in the spigot chat)
It is a simple lightweight plugin that randomly will teleport players when they do /wild. Wild changes the TP rules to create NEW, WILD TELEPORTATIONS for players who want to have a random teleporting experience! Unlike Mojang's "/tp" or other plugins' "random" teleports which have tons of class files for often-buggy features, Wild delivers interesting new teleportations due to its elite class and variable naming scheme.


SOME WILDLY UNIQUE FEATURES of dis truly wild tp plogen:

  • Compatible with all region/claim protection plugins!
    • compatible wit [insert ur region claiming plogen(s) here]! Ur poor player will not be teleported to a place where he cannot destroy blocks!
    • Yes, it is compatible with GriefPrevention, factions, factionsuuid, factionsone, fractions, towny, kingdoms, residence, mychunk, yourchunk, redchunk, bluechunk, redprotect, empires, preciousstones, protectionstones, worldguard, fuedal, some random region plugin nobody uses, bop it, twist it, pull it, flick it, shake it, spin it
  • Random locations and worlds! 
    • Why only teleport to just a random location, like every other boring wilderness TP plugin? Ever wanted to travel to a RANDOM WORLD too? Well with this plugin, the ONE TRUE WILDERNESSTP, yes, it is possible, and configurable!
  • Actually a lightweight, performant plugin: Minimizes lag due to chunk generation/loading!
    • Avoids TPS drops due to chunk generation and loading! Benefits both pregenerated and non-pregenerated worlds!
    • Some other, bad wild plugins will crash ur server while desperately loading 300 chunks all at once to find a spot. Others copy code and do non-thread-safe stuff async, putting your server's file and state at risk.
    • Make sure your server uses Paper to take advantage of these lag-reducing features! https://papermc.io

Sign format:

Line 1: [wildtp]
Line 2:
Line 3: world name (optional)
Line 4:



[CODE=yaml]MaxXY: 5000
MinXY: -5000
Retries: 4
Cooldown: 30
Cost: 0
Wait: 5
dropPlayerFromAbove: false
DoCommands: false
- 'title %PLAYER% times 20 100 20'
- 'title %PLAYER% title ["",{"text":"Wilderness","color":"green","bold":false}]'
- 'title %PLAYER% subtitle ["",{"text":"Its too dangerous to go alone.","color":"yellow"}]'

# Should we use the randomWorlds list? If false, defaults to the world the player is currently in.
useRandomWorlds: false

# Regarding randomWorlds: the key is the world name, the value is its probability value.
# Probability is calculated by adding up all the values (in this case, 1337 + 42 = 1379)
# In this default case, world_nether has only a 42/1379 (3.05%) chance of being selected.
# Feel free to add or remove worlds from this list.
# If you aren't good at math: The higher the number, the higher the chance the world has of being selected at random.
# You can also use this to restrict WildTP to one world: just leave only a single world in this list, and the player will only be teleported to that world.
world: 1337
world_nether: 42

[CODE=yaml]NO_PERMS: '&4You do not have permission!'
NO_SIGN_PERMS: '&4You do not have permission to make a wild sign'
NO_BREAK: '&4Hey! You can not break WildTp sign!'
NO_LOCATION: '&4No suitable locations found.'
NO_BIOME: '&4You may not put signs in %BIOME%'
YES_SIGN: '&aSuccessfully made a new WildTP sign'
BREAK_SIGN: '&aYou have broken a WildTP sign'
COOLDOWN: '&4You must wait %TIME% seconds until you can use the command/sign again '
RELOADED: '&aPlugin config has successfuly been reloaded.'


  • /wild - command for players to get randomly teleported
  • /wild [player] - Command for admins to teleport other players to random a location
  • /wild [world] - Random teleport to a specific world
  • /wild [north/south/east/west] Random teleport towards a specific direction


  • /wildtp reload - Reload the plugin config
  • /wildtp create - Creates a portal
  • /wildtp delete - Delete a portal
  • /wildtp list - Lists portals
  • /wildtp - shows help message
  • /wildtp gui
    • wild.wildtp - Give player access to /wild
    • wild.wildtp.world - Give player access to /wild [world]
    • wild.wildtp.direction - Give player access to /wild [north/south/east/west]
    • wild.wildtp.others - Gives the player the ability to use /wild on other players
    • wild.wildtp.reload - Gives the player the ability to reload the plugin's config
    • wild.wildtp.create.sign - Gives the player ability to create WildTp signs
    • wild.wildtp.break.sign - Allows the player to break wildtp signs
    • wild.wildtp.sign - Allows the player to use WildTP signs
    • wild.wildtp.set - opens the gui
    • wild.wildtp.create.portal - Allows creation, listing, and deletion of portals

Possible features

  • Commands done
  • Configurable min max (5k,-5k locked atm)??dDone
  • Cooldown for command?? done
  • Price for using command?? dONE!
  • Possible portal support?? DONE



  • griefprevention claim checks?? done
  • Support for factions / factionsuuid / factionsone / fractions / towny / kingdoms / residence / mychunk / yourchunk / redchunk / bluechunk / redprotect / empires / preciousstones / worldguard / fuedal / some random region plugin nobody uses / Did you like / miss the first listed feature / that says it's compatible / with every single region protection plugin?  DONE



  • Say your suggestion in discussion area to add to this list :)


Source here https://github.com/AcmeProject/WildernessTp and we love pull requests, forks, and spoons! Is Wild wild enough for you vote here http://www.strawpoll.me/10140643

Servers using Wildnerness-TP

- - The Router Network
- mlg.robomwm.com - MLG Fortress (a memetastic serbur!)


If you feel like helping RoboMWM out, subscribe to his patreon. And you can also get your server added to the above list.

Support: chat or on GitHub or on Dumcord


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