FULL AND EASY web-integrated minecraft shop experience


Basic idea is that admins (or players with right permissions etc) set up shop houses around the world. Players can then go there and deposit items, when they do this the items disappear from the world and get logged into the players online account, player can use the sign ( or command ) to see web items with virtual inventory and put or get items with just one click . Once this is done and they have set a password, they can log into the website and see all the shop that are going on and some info about the server.

Using the money they can buy items, and they will be sent to the mailbox in game (a sign) and they can set up their own sell price for the items they have stored online.

This plugin continues base on core of ORIGINAL WebAuction


Need More Tester if you want help... test and find any bugs

Not believe in plugin or project that hide the source code for any reason, I would like everyone's help, however I still reserve the right final approval

Last Dev-Build

On next 1.0.0

  • Remove old Auth Systems or not support on bukkit ( AuthDb - XAuth - anyone use ?!?!?!
  • Remove auto-update notify ( no longer works on 1.8.3 )
  • Update to 1.16
  • Remove ID base itens for 1.16


What is Beta for ?

This plugin is in development , he stable for use on server if you like, but if you see something not work right or missing don't blame the dev, please report for fix and beta is because not all features planing is 100% done yet.

Features ( ON LAST VERSION 0.9 )

  • Only members of your server can get an account
  • Deposit items to be sold
    • by right-clicking a mailbox deposit sign while holding it
    • by using vbox sign
  • Web Interface Multi-language support
  • Template full base on bootstrap ( html5 and responsive )
  • Buy or Sell
  • Inside WebServer on Port 25900 or Any other you Setup on Config
  • SQLite and MySQL support
  • You can use on Index ( McMMO , Essentials )
  • Many Algorithm for login ( MD5 , SHA1 , SHA-256 )
  • Virtual Box you can Add/Remove item like inventory ( last 20 items )
  • Ingame Message with Color
  • Authentication Plugins Supported : AuthMe ( AuthDb,xAuth removed on 0.9.6 ) Removed in 1.0.0
  • You can sell your web auction in game too ( Sign wSell )
  • Custom items Support
  • Allow Custom Meta Item ( enable at config )
  • Support on RPG Items 2 Plugin Removed in 1.0.0
  • External Host Webportal on your Website Host


Very sry about the delay on UPDATE and TODO list... but i just one and HAVE a life ! :)


  • Add Support to WORLDGUARD REGION !
  • Add timer to hold item on web inventory
  • Add extra info on Item for Sell
  • Sell to the server ( Allow players to sell to the server in order to gain money )
  • In Game command for Auction and Buy !
  • Add Sell Re-Stock
  • Add minimum and maximum price for each items


  1. Run the server will be create on webportal folder
  2. Change localhost to your ip address on /html/js/translate.js
  3. Use it ! ( or continue if you plan to use mysql )
  4. If you want use mysql - Stop the server and change to Mysql on db type and insert your config
  5. Re-start

After that just go localhost:25900 or xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25900, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your IP and you will see the login page of webportal ( 25900 or the port you setup on config )


  • html/js/translate.js
  • eng.yml

Host WebPortal Everywere

Begin on v0.9 you can host all html on any webserver with support to html and javascript.

First on Config.yml inside plugin folder on YOUR MINECRAFT SERVER!

  1. EnableExternalSource to TRUE
  2. Allow your site on config - Allow : http://yoursite.com
  3. Reload or Restart to apply this settings

Second setup the website part

  1. Get all files on html folder
  2. Change js/translate.js - http://localhost:25900 to http://IP_OF_YOUR_SERVER:PORT
  3. put all files you get with the change you make on your host ( ex: http://yoursite.com/webportal )

you can get all html files on plugin folder or HERE!

thats all.. now you have webportal working your website ! :)


  • Java 1.7+
  • Vault Plugin


This signs is use for Withdraw, Deposit,Buy and Sell see how it work - signs


For Normal User :

  • wa.use.*
    • wa.use.withdraw.items ( use mail box sign )
    • wa.use.deposit.items ( use deposit sign )
    • wa.canbuy (can buy from auction )
    • wa.cansell (can sell to the auction )
    • wa.vbox ( can use virtual inventory Sign )
    • wa.command.vbox ( use command /wa mailbox )

For Admin :

  • wa.*
    • wa.create.sign.mailbox.withdraw (create mailbox sign)
    • wa.create.sign.mailbox.deposit (create mailbox sign)
    • wa.create.sign.vbox ( create vbox sign )
    • wa.webadmin (user account is admin on the website)
    • wa.remove (remove WA signs)
    • wa.reload ( reload plugin )
    • wa.save ( save config plugin )
    • wa.view
    • wa.set
    • ( and all user permission )
  • wa.update ( see updates )

Some users of bpermission report problems, if you r one of then setup "per world permission" will work


/wa password <yourpasshere> - setup password for website if you use WebPortal AuthSystem
/wa mailbox - open virtual inventory
/wa reload
/wa save
/wa view <player>
/wa set <player> <option(buy,sell,admin)> <yes/no>
/wa help


Lets do it... and on your language ( and future i will put all this into the portal ) :)

Please HELP translate Here

Translation of materials.yml on

materials.yml (27 KB)

Video and Theme

Make your video... i will post here !

Old videos...

if you edit webportal and want to share your theme... send me and i will post here !

Afraid of Lag because of WebPortal

All activities of webportal plugin using the inside webserver is on separate thread and webportal inside webserver do not access bukkit main thread direct, webportal activities depends on your server performance, but you may use External Web Server anyway ! :) .

Want Help Me ?

:D work on this for FUN, but NEVER will abandon the project so if you want help my work !
Donate is always appreciated !

this plugin in in progress of update ( 06/06/2021 ) ... working


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