Update: (September 30th, 2013) Entirely Re-coded plugin! Everything is brand new!

This is no longer a fork of the NoWeather Plugin! I designed it because it rains/snows too frequently on my server, yet I don't really want to put the weather on a schedule. This has several commands to start and stop storms (respects config file) as well as optional permissions support. If there is no permissions plugin the commands are OP only.

Note: As an entirely new, recoded version of the plugin, this should fix all the race conditions, etc. and should work on every server, large or small!

Old Version's Source Code


  • Can totally stop weather
  • Toggles different aspects of the weather.
  • An option to stop snow and/or ice from accumulating
  • An option to make all storms thunder storms!
  • Set the minimum delay before it can snow/rain again.
  • Set the maximum time it can rain/snow.
  • Set the max amount of time between the rainy times.
  • Control the storms with admin commands
  • Permissions support
  • Configurable chance (disabled by default) Supercharged lightning strikes that will blow a hole in the ground.
  • Configurable explosion radius


  • /wr rain <world> and /rain <world> - Makes it rain in that world. Defaults to current world if no options given.
  • /wr thunder <world> and /thunder <world> - Makes it start thundering in the current world. Defaults to current world if no options given.
  • /wr lightning and /lightning - make a lightning bolt strike in a random locationwithin a radius of 10 blocks from you. (It has the same chance as being supercharged as regular lightning)
  • /wr clear <world> and /clearrain or /rainclear <world> - Clears all thunder and rain from the world. Defaults to current world if no options given.
  • /wr stats and /weatherstats - Gives you stats on the current weather in each world.
  • /wr reload - Reloads the configuration file.


  • weatherRestrictions.rain - Can use /rain command
  • weatherRestrictions.thunder - Can use /thunder command
  • weatherRestrictions.clear - Can use /rainclear and /clearrain command
  • weatherRestrictions.stats - Can use /weatherstats command
  • weatherRestrictions.lightning - Can use the /lightning command
  • weatherrestrictions.reload - Reload the configuration file

Config File Options

  • CanRain - Set to false to disable all rain/snow in a world
  • MaxSunTime - Maximum time to wait between storms in seconds.
  • MinimumSunTime - Minimum amount of time in seconds between storms.
  • MaxRainTime - Maximum time for a storm in seconds.
  • MinimumRainTime - Minimum amount of time in seconds for a storm.
  • CanSnowForm - if set to false will disable all snow accumulation in that world
  • CanSnowMelt - if set to false will disable all snow melting in that world
  • CanIceForm - if set to false will disable all ice accumulation in that world
  • CanIceMelt - if set to false will disable all ice melting in that world
  • ThunderstormChancePercentage - Sets the thunderstorm chance in the world. Set to 0 to disable thunderstorms.
  • SuperchargedThunderChance - Set the percentage chance that a supercharged thunderbolt will blow a hole in the ground.
  • SuperchargedExplosionRadius - Set the radius of the supercharged explosion


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