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Since version 0.4.0 WeatherMan allows to use translations. If you need to use a translation file you just need to setup parameter language (there's no command to change this parameter) in config.yml file and copy translation file (it always has ".lng" extension) to the plugin configuration folder. For example, if you need Russian translation, you must edit config.yml:

  language: russian

And copy file russian.lng to /plugins/WeatherMan folder.

Available translations (included into WeatherMan.jar, not require additional language file):

  1. English - default (sorry for my english)
  2. Russian (Русский)
  3. Ukrainian (Українська) - translated by duckman, Rangars Team. Thank you very much, duckman!
  4. German (Deutsch) - translated by PinguinAman. Thank you very much, PinguinAman!
  5. Spanish (Español) - translated by Indeleble, Antica RP Server. Thank you very much, Indeleble!
  6. French (Français) - 50toto50. Thank you very much, 50toto50!
  7. Romanian (Română) - kaZep, b-Zone
  8. Dutch (Nederland) - translated by Martin1704, renzo12y, tommyvanaarde. Thank you very much guys!

Updating translation messages

After every plugin release new message could be added. But I can update only English and Russian language files. So I'm usually including old version of other translations. If you want to help me with translations, you can read do it:

How to create new (or update old) translation

I will very thankful if you can help me to translate WeatherMan to other languages. First, you need to update language file. Setup language key in config.yml, and set "true" value to key "language-save". Start server. You will find lng-file (for example: armenian.lng) in WeatherMan folder. If this language was included to WeatherMan.jar you'll find translated message inside, otherwise you will see only English text.

Now you need to edit this language file. Don't forget to save file in UTF-8.

And I'll be very grateful and happy if you could share your translation with other users of WeatherMan. If you send it to me, I will include this file into next WeatherMan release.

Or you can join to translation project at


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