This plugin adds fun weapons to the game, currently there's only 3 weapons and 1 diamond blowgun power upgrade! Please comment for more weapons and I might add them!

Check coming soon to look at the new awesome weapons that will be added hopefully!


Diamond blow-gun, explode areas by shooting, range:20, will be changed in 1.2

Diamond blow-gun glowstone dust power up. put glowstone dust in your inventory, you will then shoot 2 gunpowder, your explosion is much bigger!

Lightning bold! Get a blaze rod and you'll have 15 uses to strike lightning where your cursor is and kill some mobs! Watch out because if you hit a creeper its extra charged or if you hit a pig it turns into a pigman!


Current Versions:

Plugin, Minecraft version 1.6.4, version 1.1 [Coming soon!]

Plugin, Minecraft version 1.7.2, version 1.1

Plugin, Minecraft version 1.7.2, version 1.0


/givew <weapon> <player> ~ Gives a specified weapon, forgot to add new weapons to this in 1.1 OOPS!

Please request commands in the comment section below!


Permissions coming soon for new commands and weapons!

What to add:

1) Permissions

2) Grenades, bombs, arrow gun, super bow, and golden gone, please request other weaponz, 1.2 coming soon!

3) A config file to enable/disable each weapon! (some stuff not working, trying my best)

Please comment.

Bugs to fix:

1) When you type /givew <weapon> Example_Player, it will give you the weapon but say that the player isnt found. I hope to fix this soon!

Please comment.


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