WarpSigns is a simple that I made and allows you to create a sign that when is right clicked teleports you to the warp. This works with any plugin that use /warp.

I will now only be taking issue's via the TICKET SYSTEM ONLY! If there is already a ticket with the same issue then UPVOTE it!

  • New Update Now Supports 1.6.4 and below*

Per Sign Permissions:

The latest version allows you to have per sign permissions, for example you want some players to access some signs but not other simply add {<Permission>} on the 4th line of your sign and it then requires them to have the permission WarpSigns.use.<Permission> or WarpSigns.use.*. You are not required to use per sign permission, simply dont add it and use it like normal.


WarpSigns.create - Allows players to create a Warp Sign
WarpSigns.use - Allows players to use a Warp Sign
WarpSigns.use.* - Allows players to use all signs with per player permission

Creating WarpSigns

Line 1: [Warp]
Line 2: [WarpName]
Line 3: [Blank]
Line 4: {<Permission>} - Not Required, Read the per sign permission section.

Example Sign

This example sign will teleport them to /warp AdminHouse
Line 1: [Warp]
Line 2: AdminHouse
Line 3: [Blank]
Line 4: {AdminHouse}
To use this sign users will require WarpSigns.use & WarpSigns.use.AdminHouse

Video: Installing & Usage


If you have any issues or bugs here is how you can resolve them:

  • PM me on BukkitDev or the Forums
  • Use the issue tracker up the top of this page


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