War v2.0.0-RC1


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    Nov 27, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


War release candidate for Minecraft 1.13 support.


Note: due to the changes required for MC1.13 support, this version will not be backwards-compatible. War will not be able to load blocks for version War v1.9 format warzones. Before installing this update, you must /resetzone all of your warzones with the previous version or you will lose data!


 Dependency updates

  • Requires at least WorldEdit 7.0.0 RC1
  • TagAPI/SpoutCraft support removed

 New Features

  • Capture points (use /setcapturepoint <name> and /deletecapturepoint <name> and /zonecfg capturepointtime:<integer>)
  • Chest UI (use /war or get a piece of TNT with display name set to War and left click with it)
    • Allows joining a warzone, creating a warzone, editing all War settings, Zone settings, Team settings, editing team loadouts, setting team spawns, and reloading zone blocks)
  • Fix #178, allow players to sign up for games …
  • Fix #268, save/load paintings and item frames from DB …
  • Fix #563. Capture points in Minecraft!!! …
  • Fix #74, add blacklist for items brought into zone …
  • Fix #437, add team config 'borderdrop' to permit item drop near walls
  • Fix #320, add permission when playing in a zone …
  • Add chinese support, update other translations
  • Fix #790, add playercount and switching scoreboards …
  • Fix #412, auto team balance for autoassign warzones
  • closes gh-365 gh-392 Preparation time …

 Bug Fixes

  • Fix #838, prevent growth from occupying structures …
    Fix #839, don't save armor slots twice
    Fix #840, keep health in bounds with attributes
    Fix #750, rotate lobbies
    Fix #201, prevent opening zone edge chests if not playing …
    Fix #498, prevent wolves from teleporting into warzones

Please back up your worlds and War plugin files before applying this update. Please report all issues to https://github.com/taoneill/war/issues


 Thanks for using War.

 - cmastudios