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This plugin is an ideal solution for server owners who aren't satisfied with Votifier's method of logging those votes, having to go through the process of counting and ordering them all to reward those users can be a pain. This plugin stores vote counts for the current month to it's own file (file name example votesJan.yml, votesFeb.yml etc), allowing users to view top votes, their votes and other player's votes. If your votes weren't counted, most likely the player has voted when the server was offline. Now in order for this to work, Votifier is required.



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  • Logs votes to console if enable in configuration settings.
  • View top votes, your votes and other player's votes.
  • Logs all player's votes, for every month.


Command Function
Shortcut /vl or /vlogger
/votelogger top Displays top configured votes.
/votelogger view Displays your current votes for the month.
/votelogger view <player> Displays player's current votes for the month.


  • votelogger.use - Required, provides access to all commands.



  • Just drag and drop into your servers '\plugin' directory, and configure the settings to your liking.


# Whether or not you want votes logged to console.
enableLogging: true
# The amount of top votes to display
topVotes: 5


  • If players reach a specific amount of votes, execute console commands for that month.
  • Currently adding specific rewards (including amount) to give to players based on their vote counts.
  • Broadcast vote actions for online/offline users
  • Insert your suggestions down below!

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