[1.12.2][Spigot][Bukkit] Kick, ban, restart, rain, sun, day, night, and custom votes. A simple to use and lightweight voting system with a little more functionality than the others. You can create votes that run commands on other plugins, as well as customize each vote to your hearts desire.
seewind has made a tutorial video for all the German fans of the plugin!


  • Allows you to create your own votes
  • You can specify what command(s) to execute and in what order for both a successful and failed vote
  • Fully implements Permissions using Vault, but can also default to regular Bukkit permissions
  • You can choose what percentage it takes for a vote to succeed, and the minimum number of players it takes to succeed for each type of vote
  • Fully customizable notifications
  • Messages can be fully colorized to your hearts desire. Every single message/notification is located and editable in the config.yml
  • You can pass any number of parameters you want
  • Default votes are: Day, night, sun, rain, kick, and ban
  • Source is available here


Place the Vote.jar in the plugins folder. The configuration file will be created when the server is started. Make sure to have someone, doesn't matter who, as an op or it will shut down on load. The general overview of the config.yml custom commands is located here. You can read about how arguments work in Vote here. You can read about commands specific to Vote here. You can also watch the tutorial on how to create your own votes.


All commands start with /vote
  • /vote yes/y - Votes yes on the active vote
  • /vote no/n - Votes no on the active vote
  • /vote [votename] - "/vote restart" will start a vote to restart the server. /vote kick rabidcrab will start a vote to kick rabidcrab
  • /vote veto - Immediately cancels a vote.
  • /vote reload - Reload the plugin, cancelling any outstanding vote commands, cancelling any active vote, and reloading the config file.


If permissions are not enabled, everyone has the ability to start votes and vote.
  • vote.voteyes.[votename] - Allows the user or group to vote yes on [votename]. I.E vote.voteyes.restart will allow the player to vote for a restart
  • vote.voteyes.* allows a player to vote yes for all votes
  • vote.voteno.[votename] - Same as vote.voteyes.[votename], except for voting no
  • vote.startvote.[votename] - vote.startvote.* for all, or vote.startvote.restart for restart, etc.
  • vote.setvalue - The plugin runs it's own commands when voting for rain or sun. You need this permission on all admins for sun and rain votes to work correctly.
  • vote.unkickable - Makes the player un-kickable
  • vote.unbannable - Makes the player un-bannable
  • vote.veto- Allows the player to cancel votes
  • vote.reload- Reloads the plugin

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