For servers that have no bedrock falling out of the world happens to many players. With this plugin players will no longer fall out of the world and die but when the fall out of the world they will be transported to a set spawn area. Not want everyone to just be able to fall out of the world without a worry? Well this plugin also has permissions saying if they are allowed to be transported or should be left and just fall out of the world. This is a fully configurable plugin that even lets you set the level that players get transported away at useful at spawn areas where your spawn platform ends at level 100 and you don't want players just falling all the way until they reach the bottom

Version 2.0.0 Coming soon!

The next version of Void2Spawn is a total rewrite so while it will still auto-update from the previous version the config file will drastically change as well as the internal code. ETA is February 13, 2017


Void Spawns are set at first by the worlds current default spawn! This means that it may be underground (in rock) so it is recommended that all spawns are reset and placed in the position you want players to spawn!

Current Features

  • Set a custom message for a player that does not have that permission
  • Set a custom void spawn for ALL worlds
  • !!Individual world config options!!
  • Set a custom level for when the players are lower than that they are transported to the Void spawn (default is -5 but if you wanted it could be 100)
  • Permissions for both setting the void spawn and for being saved from the void
  • Configurable console message
  • All items are kept by the player (this may become configurable to all lost or all kept)

Hidden stuff

  • These are things you might not think of but that do work
  • You can set the spawn in the config to ANY (but it must be a real one) world and location you want


  • setWorldVoidSpawn: sets the worlds void spawn
  • setDefaultVoidSpawn: set the default void spawn


Both permissions currently default to op however I am thinking of changing the tp one to be all players tell me what you think in the comments

  • void2spawn.tp :allows a player to be transported to the spawn point
  • void2spawn.set :allows the player to set the void spawn


If you want something added feel free to leave a comment with your idea! It might just get added -Shadow


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