Warning: this plug-in needs to be restarted two times when it is first installed into the server.
This is not a server crash.
Dev Builds:   Circle CI (Need Login)
VLagger is a server optimizing plugin, which also provides a lot of other functions. It will increase server TPS, clear lagg, remove too much entities, fix some bugs.
Plugin support nearly every version of Spigot and Bukkit (1.4-1.12+)
  1. Automatically set server config to prevent server lagging.
  2. Fix plenty of bugs in Minecraft, such as bed explosion in end or nether, item copy cheating, a book and squil bug, and more. With VLagger, you don't need to worry these bugs anymore !
  3. Automatically clean groud items, too much entities, chunks, and other optimizing settings !
  4. Fix some bug caused by other famous plugins like Essentials, MultiWorld, etc.
  5. Some grief prevention like farm protecting, water limiting, fire spreading, etc.
  6. Some small but useful fuctions like spam sensitive words.
  7. And more is on developing, we need your advice and suggestions !
[SPOILER="More Infomation..."]
Following the automatic configuration server to increase the server running smoothly.
Automatically configures the server configuration files located in the server root directory, some of which are immediate for the server.
The following version of the MC to prevent any explosion in hell or at the end of the bed.
In many versions, the bed exploded in the ground or in hell; it was a bug that could destroy the territory or lock the box; therefore, the explosion was prohibited.
The following prevent the use of Bug card brush box items loopholes.
In some cases, if another player is moving objects, the player destroys a box that is being used, and this will drop something to copy it.
The following book and pen with IR MOD to produce super book and pen Bug.
In some servers, the use of the backpack editor will make books and pens produce super enchanted books. For example, attacking +9999999, speed +999999999. is more harmful to the server.
The following defense using brand Bug server crash.
In some servers, using a bug to type in more than 127 characters into a brand can cause the server and any player to see it to crash.
The following defense using door brush infinite cane or cactus.
In some versions of the server, if you use the door to destroy cactus or sugar cane in the territory, the sugar cane will not be damaged, but dropped the cane and brush the game materials.
The following anti lost items to brush items suspended animation game player.
Use a game BUG game player, resulting in a state of suspended animation, great harm. You can brush things.
The following anti negative gitem wireless transmitter brush goods resources.
Negative items can be brushed out in some cases and put into a transmitter or thrown out, and they will be copied indefinitely. The severe BUG that occurred only in the 1.8.4- version.
MC body following anti brush unlimited rail vulnerabilities.
Using a viscous piston to push two rails into contact and pull back, a track can be drawn, and the BUG can be used indefinitely. Greater harm to the server.
The following anti hell brush to take game unlimited resource vulnerability vulnerability.
At the edge of the block of hell, funnel is used to carry the item several times, and the block is unloaded and loaded, which has the potential to cause an item to appear in the two funnels.
The following anti hell and box car card unlimited items Bug.
When the hell door opens, use the box car to put things in. Push the car into the hell door and take out the things immediately. Have the chance to cause each item in the hand and the car to achieve the purpose of duplicating the object.
The following defense RPGItem2 comes with the exploit brush box items.
Use RPGITEM 2 comes with the box BUG, put full backpacks and open the box, throw out the items you want to brush, you will be able to copy an article. Greater harm to the server.
The following anti high frequency to the game server running Caton redstone.
Using the infinite loop to prevent game player allows the server to Redstone slow operation Caton and affect other game player game experience.
The following anti skull is to push the piston or other methods after the collapse of Bug.
In some versions, using the piston to push the skull will have the chance to crash the server.
The following functions of high-speed Shuabing defense game player.
Players are not allowed to enter too many text or commands in a short time. To prevent the scraper operation in the chat bar game player.
The following automatic resurrection to optimize the server operation and game player game player caton.
When the player dies, the player is automatically resurrected, and at the resurrection, the caption information in the center of the screen can be customized.
The new algorithm handles automatically save high efficiency, greatly increased fluency.
The new automatic save algorithm is more efficient than Bukkit's own algorithm by more than 95%. Also, the BUKKIT comes with an automatic save system during the terminal process.
The following different world allowed to serve in the main settings prohibit game player commands.
The server can set some of the world's commands against the auxiliary functions, and do not have to worry about the emergence of Essentials:XXX BUG to cross the use of permissions.
The following permanent resident block automatic game player, increased fluency.
If a block is often played online, it will be added to the list of protected players, even if no player is online. Increase fluency when players are sent back.
The following regular uninstall server useless blocks, reducing memory usage.
Uninstall blocks that are no longer needed, reduce server memory usage, and optimize the number of entities and the number of Tiles. Optimize operation efficiency and so on.
The following block was born no longer maintained, reducing memory usage.
No longer save MC birth blocks, you can reduce some memory usage. It's good for servers.
The following explicit memory cleanup, part of the server can reduce the memory usage. (default closed)
Forcing JVM to do memory cleanup is not perfect, but it's significant for some badly needed servers. This function is optional and may be harmful to the server, because of the short moment Caton in clearing will cause the server about 200MS-500MS is turned off by default.
The following is to restart the system, because there is not enough memory to prevent the collapse of the memory overflow service.
When the server memory reaches on the verge of collapse, collapse will cause the server file or any other serious problem. The plug-in will restart the server immediately and save player data at boot time.
The following advanced sweeping algorithm, reduce the server resources, and not be clean.
The advanced sweeping algorithm makes the rate of false cleanup lower. Cleaning up drops at the same time can increase server efficiency and reduce memory usage.
The following anti dense entity, reduce service
Commad: (list mostly used commands)
Use /vlg help for help.
/vlg heap [tilesclear,chunkclear,itemclear,look,heapclear,unloadlog]
/vlg autosave [savethis,save]
/vlg chunkkeeper [list,remove,addthis,clear]
/vlg reload   [reload configuration file and reload the plugin]
Other commands need to explore by yourself !
- Give access to every function in VLagger
- Give access to skip sensitive word checking.
1.MainConfig —— Basic configuration
2.ClearLagConfig —— Lag remove configuration
3.NoBugConfig —— Some bug fix settings
4.EventConfig —— Custom player's event setting
Tip: this plug-in needs to be restarted two times when it is first installed into the server. This is not a server crash.
Click the 'download now' buttom at the right side of the header.
Dev Builds:   Circle CI (Need Login)
Alternative download link:
Wish you have a good time and enjoy!
This version(4.7.3) is tested in mostly every version, including CraftBukkit, Spigot, Paper, Taco, so there is no reason crashing.
Developers are active, so there is no need to leave 1 star below, just send me a PM or create a new issue please.
Use rating just for comments, if you want to complaint or report a bug or give a suggestion, please go to "Discussion" blank, or create a new issue in GitHub. Thanks !
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