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Quick description

I am not happy yet with the current state of the anti-grief plugins and the amount of effort they request from moderators, owners, admins, players, and also the amount of griefing they still easily allow. Sometimes they even offer new methods of griefing!
Do note that it is by far not my intention to make other plugins look bad. I'm just unhappy with the features they offer and wish to create a better system that everyone can enjoy!

Already have an anti-griefing plugin and like it?

Tell me what you like about it! Please!

Well, what exactly IS 'solid'?

I wish to do the following.

Types of trust

  • Building and breaking (for normal blocks)
  • Advanced blocks (water, lava, TNT, etc.)
  • All doors (etc.)
  • All chests (etc.)
  • All specially protected blocks (gold blocks for example)
  • All levers, buttons, etc.

Things people can select

  • Per user: what they can and what they can't
  • All other users: what they can and what they can't
  • Any other accounts they own
  • Per block they can set a special protection
  • Per special protection they can select who can or can't edit

Other stuff people can do

  • Report griefing with a command

What moderators do

  • Get daily tasks to review grief reports
  • Take relevant action: rollback, leave it, etc.

What the system does

  • Binds certain stuff as 'owned' by certain players automatically
  • Notices grief automatically
  • Remembers who built what, broke what, etc.

What is rollback-able

  • Build and break griefing
  • Water, lava, fire, tree griefing, sand and gravel griefing, TNT griefing
  • Creeper luring

What currently existing plugins would Vital replace?

I want to create a full-blown system that does chest locking (like LWC), grief logging (like HawkEye), banning (like vanilla Minecraft but more fitting to anti-grief). This plugin does not try to replace anti-cheat (like NoCheat) or other Moderator tools like flying and item spawning.


I could use any help. A coder, a suggestion, all accepted.


Please post below whether you like this idea or not. Or add any suggestions!
You can also use the Ticket system if you like.


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