VIP Hide


  • YouTuber and VIPs can hide as a random player
  • Skin, Chat and Tablist
  • Set a default prefix color
  • See your own disguise
  • Cooldown
  • MySQL-Support
  • TabComplete support
  • Colored name tag
  • Default list of 700 random players
  • Developer api with lot of plugin integrations
  • Automatic language system
  • Auto updater

You need ProtocolLib!

How to use this plugin

  1. Drag & Drop the plugin into your plugins folder
  2. Start your server
  3. Type /vh or /nick

Commands & Permissions

Command Permission Description
/vh vh.hide Nick/Unnick yourself
/nick vh.hide Nick yourself
/nick {player} vh.hide.others Nick an other player
/unnick vh.hide Unnick yourself
/unnick {player} vh.hide.others Unnick an other player
/vh {player} vh.hide.others Nick an other player
/realname <player> vh.realname See the realname of a player

Developer API

Plugins using VIPHide


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