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This version is dead since 2014 now

I switched to Sponge - The Bukkit Version does not Work!

This is here for archive purposes ONLY!

This plugin allows you to set up villagers as shops.
They will sell items as admin shop (this means infinite stock).
The shop will be displayed as two row inventory you can modify with chat commands as admin.
Buy items from the top row and sell them at the bottom row.
You may give custom names to shops and also use color codes (&).
Please note that this plugin requires VAULT and a economy plugin like iConomy or Essentials.
Villagers with no player in a range of 32 blocks will be despawned and as always - they should'n duplicate anymore ;D

List of commands:

To use this commads you have to position yourself at the spawn location of the shop.
Get a list of professions or items

  • /vshop create [PROFESSION] [NAME] creates a new shop at your location. name is optional.
  • /vshop delete deletes the shop at your current location
  • /vshop add <ITEM> <AMMOUNT> [BUYPRICE]:[SELLPRICE] [NAME] add an item of type ITEM, stack size AMMOUNT and optional display name NAME. Please don't use this method, as it's pretty limited.
  • /vshop add hand [BUYPRICE]:[SELLPRICE] add the item you are currently holding including meta values like enchantments
    The buy and sell price need to be seperated with a colon, NOT space. if you dont want a item to be sold or bought, leave that value empty. To put a price less than 1$ use two digits (e.g. 0.20 -> 0.2$)
  • /vshop remove <SLOT> removes the item from the given SLOT if possible.
  • /vshop permission <SOMETHING> sets the permission required to interact with this villager to SOMETHING. You may think of a new permission or use any existing permission. OPs will automatically bypass this. Use "none" as <SOMETHING> to make the shop public again.
  • /vshop reload tries to delete and recreate all villagers. (will also dump shops.yml to hard drive until 0.4)
  • /vshop save will dump shops.yml to hard drive instead of /vshop reload as of 0.4

Argument syntax & colors:
<required> - [optional] - Numeric - Text - Static


  • villagershop.admin in order to create/edit/delete villager shops


Walk to the location you want the shop to be and type the following into the chat
The shop will then offer {Oak Wood x 64; Oak Wood x 32; Oak Wood x 1}

/vshop create WoodShop
/vshop add log 64 30:15
/vshop add log 32 16:8
/vshop add log 1 2:1

Now if you want to remove the 2nd entry type:
The items will now be {Oak Wood x 64; Oak Wood x 1}

/vshop remove 2

You don't have to set a buy- AND sell price, but at least one of them.
This will add an apple for 1 million credits, but you wont be able to sell such:

/vshop add golden_apple 1 1000000:


Two villagers chatting
The shop inventory



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