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Introducing VARO

VARO means "Vanilla Role-play" and became famous through many German Youtubers. As the name says, everyone spawns in a vanilla minecraft world, only the spawn has been modified. Preferably at (0 | 0), there is a nether portal with some chests, and in many holes with half-slabs around them; arranged in a circle. When the project starts, you are able to break a block to get out of the hole. Then you can decide: Go for the chests and hope to get the only stone sword thats in there or RUN, get some wood and go underground to stay alive. On that first day, everyone is online at the same time, but after that, it's your own decision, when you want to play. Obviously, you can also wait for others to join and then go for a fight. If you are dead, you are out of the project. The last man or team standing wins. The first Youtube project (just VARO) started back in April 2014. There were strict reglulations and rules, everyone had to obey. For example, you always had to play for 15 minutes, not more, not less. During VARO everyone had one teammate, but if one of your died the other teammate had to play and record alone. VARO II started on the 29th November 2014 with many great changes and is still running when I'm writing this (3rd January 2015). These changes were caused by a plugin that was written especially for VARO II. For example after 15 minutes of playing, you were kicked from the server automatically and you could lock chests.

If you find any bugs or issues, feel free to create a ticket, write a comment or contact me!

Any other comments about this plugin are greatly appreciated as well!
Thank you!


- Countdown to start the game; includes automatic gamemode and block breaking handling as well as healing all players and setting the time to dawn.
- When joining the game you are invincible for a given amount of seconds. However, you can't break or interact with blocks.
- Precise kicking after x minutes of playing. Players may only rejoin on the next day.
- Plugin handled permanent ban when a player dies.
- Win detection for the last team alive.
- Special teams for VARO, even with colored names!
- Every team can lock one chest making it indestructible.
- Everyone sees a scoreboard to the right of their screen displaying information about the current game state, the time left, etc.

Known Issues
This plugin is currently not supporting english messages, however "/varo team add" and "/start" are somewhat self-explaining (and also explained in the next paragraph). Multi-language support and customizable messages are planned already and will be added soon.

  • Customizable messages (already semi-implemented)
  • Multi-language support (incl. default messages for languages)


/start - Initializes the countdown and afterwards starts the game.

/varo help - Displays the help page.
/varo reload - Reloads the config.yml.
/varo team add <name> <players...> - Creates a new team with all given players.
/varo team remove <name> - Removes the team with the specified name.
/varo team list - Lists all registered teams.
/varo team color <name> <color> - Sets the color of the given team. (No effect on gameplay)
/varo team addplayer <player> <team> - Adds the given player to the specified team.
/varo team removeplayer <player> <team> - Removes the given player from the specified team.

Installation & Configuration

Put the VaroPlugin.jar in your plugins folder and start your server. The config.yml will be generated as soon as the plugin is loaded. There is no need to edit any values in the other files but the config.yml. Doing so will cause data corruption and eventually break the plugin!

The config.yml values:
Name Default Explaination
difficulty HARD The difficulty to play with. This just overrides the standard vanilla minecraft difficulty to prevent a reset of the difficulty when the server is reloaded/restarted.
start_countdown 30 The length of the countdown initiated with '/start'. This value is defined in seconds.
grace_period 60 The length of the grace period after the game has started. This value is defined in seconds.
max_daily_time 60 The time each player is allowed to play on the server per day. This value is defined in minutes.
join_invincibility 10 How long players are unable to move and do any interaction after joining. This values is defined in seconds.
allow_unregistered_players false Whether players not assigned to a team are allowed to join the server when the game is running. This value can be true or false.
no_kick_range 30 If the distance between two players from different teams is less than this, neither of the two can be kicked from the server. This value is measured in meters (blocks).
extra_time 60 When two players from different teams are in the "no_kick_range" of the other and their timer is below this value, their countdown will reset to this value. This value is defined in seconds.

Technical Information:
JRE System Library: JavaSE 1.6 65

Source Code

All of the source code for this plugin is available publicly on!
Check it out:

Contact me!

- PM me or post a comment on BukkitDev: Darcod


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