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Variety - Minigame Plugin

Hello. My name is Luca, or Quartzade, or lucazade2k11, whichever you prefer. This plugin (Variety) is basically just a variety of different gametypes in one. It contains many gamemodes ranging from Team Deathmatch to Search and Destroy, and so on so forth. It's an extreme package!

What's in Variety?

Team Deathmatch | Free for all | Sabotage | Domination | CTF | Infected | OITC | and much more minigame types!


Simply just drag the downloaded jarfile into your plugins directory and then launch the server. Stop it, then edit the configuration up to your standards and dreams! Basic as pie.


Currently, this plugin is not in initial release at the moment. We are developing this as you read it. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE SOON.

What's Possible (or going to be)?

Well, you can play through many different gametypes. Rank-up starting from Private, working to Commander. We have a ranking system that's editable with editable ranks. (You might need EGM for this or any other ranker-type-plugin. Prestige system. Shops. Classes of your own customization. (Different ones for each game to avoid confusion) Simple setup (via commands). Main help: do /variety help for a list of commands. Variety can run from different servers and so on so forth. You can have different setups in each server for Bungee to avoid absolute confusion!

- Please feel free to suggest anything to our team! - - Team members are currently being invited at the moment. -


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