For this documentation, if a value is listed as monkey.banana then it looks like

    banana: value

Fake announcement settings

These settings define things related to fake joining and quitting.


  • Format for the message sent when a player fake joins or quits.
  • It will be by default yellow unless you add a color code
  • You can use the following formatting features:
    • %p - Player's name
    • %d - Player's displayname (Some plugins set this to be different from name, with colors and such)
    • && - The color character. For instance, &&a would be light green. Colors here
    • %up - prefix, if you use a Vault compatible chat plugin or bPermissions
    • %us - suffix, if you use a Vault compatible chat pluginor bPermissions
    • %city - Player's city, if you use GeoIPTools
    • %country - Player's country, if you use GeoIPTools
  • Default values:
    • fakeannounce.join: '%p joined the game.'
    • fakeannounce.quit: '%p left the game.'


  • If true, a player who joins without an announce message (See permissions) will automatically fake an announce on unvanishing
  • Default value: false

Plugin hooks

Set any of these to true to enable the hook. All are by default false.
Other plugins are mentioned in this configuration, but they are always enabled as they do not change anything


  • Enable hooking Essentials
  • Users with the right permissions node (See permissions) will be hidden in Essentials when vanished


  • Enable hooking dynmap
  • Vanished users will not be shown on the map
  • Users with a certain permissions node (See permissions) will ALWAYS be hidden.


  • Enable hooking JSONAPI
  • Adds a method to JSONAPI: isVanished(name)
  • Returns true if the player is vanished


  • Enable Spoutcraft features (requires the Spout plugin and only works for users with Spoutcraft client)
  • Custom capes, skins, or titles for vanished players
  • Those features require additional setup
  • See here for more information on Spoutcraft configuration
  • Users with a certain permissions node (See permissions) get a notification bar as well

Other configuration options


  • Check if there are updates.
  • Will check every 6 hours.
  • Does not check on first run, to give you the chance to change values
  • Default value: true


  • If true, when a player changes world their vanish.vanish permission is checked and if false, player is set visible
  • Default value: false


  • Sets the number of bolts to fire when a user with the lightning effect (See permissions) toggles visibility
  • Default value: 30

Debug and system options

These are settings you won't need to deal with unless getting help debugging


  • Enables some debug output


  • Enables permissions testing command in-game
  • Command is /permtest permission.node or /permtest player permission.node
  • Requires permissions:
  • vanish.permtest.self for self testing (by default true for all)
  • vanish.permtest.other for testing other players (by default op only)


  • Used internally to track your config's version, in case value names are changed
  • As the name says, just don't touch this. It will update itself.
  • The number here does NOT refer to the version of VanishNoPacket

Chat colors