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About the Plugin

This mod creates a flat map. In game, you can only create flat, grassy maps. However, through the console, you can create more complex flat maps.

Please note: this is only my first plugin. There will be bugs. Please tell me. This is not amazing. I know.


  1. /createfg <name> - Creates a flat, grassy map with the name <name>.
  2. /customflatmap <name> <block1> <height1> <block2> <height2> ... - Creates a custom flat map. Must be run from the console. The first argument is the map name. The subsequent arguments come in pairs of 2: block type, and height. <height> means "until <height>, use <block>"
  3. /removeflatmap <name> - Removes a flat map. Must be run from the console

Example usage:

customflatmap testMap 7 1 11 4 0 10 1 45 24 50 12 53 9 68
This would create a map called testmap with bedrock until 1, lava until 4, air until 10, stone until 45, sandstone until 50, sand until 53, water until 68, and air on up.
/createfg myMap
This would create a flat, grassy map called myMap.
removeFlatmap testMap
This would attempt to remove a map called testMap


  • vacuum.createFlatgrassMap
  • vacuum.customFlatMap
  • vacuum.removeFlatMap



Known bugs:

  • None! That I know of...

Known annoyances:

  • World files can't be read in Notepad. (partially to save space, as is the case with the funky characters, and partially because Notepad++ is better, as in the case of the lack of line breaks: Notepad reads \n\r, while everything else reads \n)

Please post feedback. I need feedback to know what you like/what you don't like so I can fix it.


Todo list:

  • Add Multiverse support
  • Add plot support


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