This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What is UnlimitedRPG?

UnlimitedRPG is the final solution for RPG servers. We are all about customization, whether it be the mobs, items, or even skills (MagicSpells)! Like the name suggests, the possibilities with the current features and the ones to come are UNLIMITED. Do you want to create mobs with new attributes, changing the way you play the game? Or maybe you want to create new, powerful items that can destroy enemies with the click of a button.This plugin has all of that and more!

Planned features:

  1. Custom Mobs:
    1. Customizable health
    2. Custom held items/equips
    3. Custom movement speed
    4. Names (With color)
    5. Levels (Different attributes per level)
    6. Skills (With usage intervals)
    7. Loot moved directly into inventory upon kill (Works with custom items)
    8. Particle effects
    9. Potion effects
    10. Potion/particle effects given per hit
    11. Experience amount (Works with the level system)
  2. Custom Items:
    1. Damage
    2. Skills bound to item
    3. Durability
    4. Custom potions (Gain health, energy, etc.)
    5. Names
    6. Potion/particle effects given to user while held/equipped
    7. Potion/particle effects given to target when hit
    8. Rarity
    9. Attribute bonuses while held/equipped
    10. Item ids
  3. Classes
    1. Permissions per class
    2. Skill trees per class
    3. Level limit
    4. Skills
    5. Mana, Fury, Energy (Need x amount of energy to use skill)
    6. Attribute bonuses
    7. Item usage control (i.e. Mage can't use stone tools, etc.)
    8. Prefixes (Or not)
  4. Skills
    1. Dependent on MagicSpells
    2. Leveled
    3. Can use Mana, Fury, Energy
  5. Groups
    1. No damage to group members
    2. Permission node to make groups
    3. Max group amount
    4. Shared quests
    5. Private group messaging
    6. Shared exp/loot
  6. Level-up System
    1. Custom amount of exp per level up
    2. Amount of character points (Attributes) per level up
    3. Amount of skill points per level up
    4. Skills made available per level up (Custom for each class)
  7. Regions
    1. Mobs spawning in region
    2. How often mobs spawn in region
    3. Where mobs spawn in region (Air, dirt, gravel, etc.)
    4. Pvp enabled or disabled
  8. Mana, Fury, Energy systems
    1. Used as fuel for skills
    2. Each class can use 1
    3. Mana and energy gained per interval
    4. Fury gained per hit
    5. Amount and gain upgradeable through use of attributes
  9. Attributes
    1. Strength, agility, intellect, endurance, discipline
    2. Add character points to increase attribute
    3. Configurable starting attributes per class
    4. Attributes increase movement speed, physical damage, etc.
    5. Configurable attribute limit


All of the commands in this plugin are on this page.


The nodes to give permission for people to use commands.


Need help configuring this plugin to your liking? Please check here.


Have a suggestion that would make this plugin better? Post it here.


The more money we get, the more devs we can pay to help!



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