UPDATE NOTICE: UnitedShops Version 2 ships with a new configuration file format AND A NEW COMMAND SYNTAX WITH NEW PERMISSIONS. Be sure to update your configuration files to match the new format if you intend to update UnitedShops to version 2!


UnitedShops is a simple and lightweight chest UI based admin shop plugin – without any content or extras you don't need. My focus is on creating a plugin just as simple as the purpose most admins will use it for – an admin shop, globally accessible an fully configurable via config.yml. An easy to use plugin for both admins and players and everything you need.


Source Code and Contribution via: GitHub NexAdn/UnitedShops


Compiled for: Craftbukkit version 1.8, works with versions 1.8–1.12


Plugins needed:

  • Vault
  • An economy plugin of your choice


  • /shop OR /unitedshops shop — Open the admin shop UI
  • /unitedshops sell — Open the automatic sell dialog
  • /unitedshops reload — Reload the plugin (needed to apply config changes while the server is running as /reload would simply overwrite the modified config.yml)



  • unitedshops.shop — Open the admin shop UI
  • unitedshops.sell — Open the autosell UI
  • unitedshops.reload — Reload the plugin



This plugin uses the bStats metrics system (bstats.org) to collect information about the game version, the plugin version, the operating system, the player count, etc. anonymously. Visit https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/UnitedShops to see the data that is collected. If you'd like to disable UnitedShops's metrics for your server, you can set the ‘stats’ option to false in config.yml (Version 1.3.1 and above). Optionally you can disable bStats metrics for all plugins that use it by setting ‘enabled’ to false in /plugins/bStats/config.yml.



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