Undead horsies!

What is it?

In MC 1.6.1 Mojang added horses, some of the undead variety (skeleton horses, zombie horses). What this plugin does is simple, it lets you set a random chance for skeleton/zombie/horse spawns to turn into undead horses (cause you know... that's fun ;P). And, you can now have undead horses spawn when a horse dies! What's even cooler, is that the horses that spawn are rideable :).

How do I use it?

When you first start the server, a folder named UndeadHorsies will be made with config.yml in it. You can edit the values in the config to determine the chance (out of 100) of a zombie/skeleton spawn being a zombie/skeleton horse spawn.


/undeadhorsies spawn <skele/zombie>- Spawn a zombie or skeleton horse.

/undeadhorsies reloadconfig- Reload the config.yml

New v1.1 features!

- Ability to have undead horses spawn when a normal horse dies

- Ability to have undead horses spawn from horse spawns


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