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Ultimate Spleef

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This plugin features automatic spleef which includes:

  • Arena Regeneration
  • Instant Block Breaking (Configurable)
  • Completely configurable!


  • These will come soon. First I gotta finish a working state of the plugin


This is not a finished plugin. I will release the plugin soon, as I got most of it done. Just gotta do player handling.

More Info

Spleef is a game in Minecraft that is played by breaking the blocks beneath a player causes them to fall (normally snow blocks and the player gets a shovel). What this plugin does, is generate the floor and make any blocks usable with the option of instant breaking. If you want the player to get a reward for winning (based upon how many players + kills that player got) that is possible too! If you want to test the plugin out, I will have a dev build soon (current state = not buggy, but everything doesn't work/isn't set up yet).

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