Supported Minecraft versions:
- 1.13
- 1.13.1

!!!Use a spigot server craftbukkit is a little bit buggy!!!

- Shopvillager (Villager with chest inventory) with custom items and prices
- Adminshops
- Playershops
- Moneysystem
- JobCentervillager with custom Jobs 
- Homes
- buyable spawners in Shopvillager shops

The file is located in

To open it I use NotePad++.

You can change the number of MaxHomes and MaxJobs, don't touch anything else.

MaxHomes: 3
MaxJobs: 2

Other Plugins:

I played this plugin successful with Multiverse.
I think the plugin is compatibel with most of the other plugins.


/giveMoney <player> <amount>

Gives a player money without taking money
from other players.
The amount can be positive or negativ.
With a negative amount you can remove 
money from a player.


/adminshop create <shopname> <size (9,18,27...)>
With this command you spawn a Shopvillager.
The size have to be a multible of 9.

/adminshop delete <shopname>

With this command you despawn and delete a Shopvillager.

/adminshop addItem <shopname> <material> <amount> <slot> <sellPrice> <buyPrice>

With this command you add a item to a Shopvillager of your choice.
If you only want to set your item for offer, set buyPrice = 0 and vice versa.
For materialname see below.

/adminshop removeItem <shopname> <slot>

With this command you remove a item from a Shopvillager of your choice.

/adminshop addSpawner <shopname> <entity type> <slot> <buyPrice>

With this command you can add a spawner to a ShopVillager.
You have to write the entity type in capital letters like SHEEP.

/adminshop removeSpawner <shopname> <slot>

Removes a spawner from a shop.


/adminshop editItem <shopname> <slot> <amount> <sellPrice> <buyPrice>
If you didn't want to change one of these values set value = none

/adminshop addEnchantedItem <shopname> <material> <slot> <amount> <sellPrice> <buyPrice> [<enchantment> <lvl>]
You can use every material and every enchantment, but the plugin enchants only enchantable materials with all possible enchantments.

Avaiable enchantments:
You can use all avaiable vanilla enchantments. If the enchantment includes a space like "aqua affinity" write aqua_affinity.


/jobcenter create <name> <size (9,18,27...)>
This command spawns a JobCenterVillager.

/jobcenter delete <name>
This command despawns and delete a JobCenterVillager.

/jobcenter job createJob <jobname>
This command creates a job.

/jobcenter job delJob <jobname>
This command deletes a job and kicks all player, who joined this job, out of the job.

/jobcenter job addItem <jobname> <material> <price>
This command adds a block(or a plant like potatoes, don't confuse with the item potato) to a job. When you break this block, you earn money (price parameter).

This does not work with mobs of all entity types. However, I may add this feature in the future.

Working plants: 

- potatoes
- carrots
- wheat
- nether_wart_block
- beetroots
(for sugar cane use sugar_cane)

/jobcenter job removeItem <jobname> <material>
This command removes a block or a plant from a job.

/jobcenter job addMob <jobname> <entity> <killprice>
Adds a mob to a job. You can earn money by killing these mobs.

/jobcenter job removeMob <jobname> <entity>
Removes a mob from a job.

/jobcenter addJob <jobcentername> <jobname> <material> <slot>
This command adds your created job to a JobCenterVillager. The material is for the icon in the slot.

/jobcenter removeJob <jobcentername> <jobname>
This command removes a job from a jobcenter.


Shows your money in your chat.

/bank <on/off>
Disable/enable scoreboard.

This command lists all available shops.

/shop <shopname>
You can only open a shop if the shop has the same name then a job and you joined this job. E.x. Shopname: Miner
Jobname : Miner

This command lists all available jobs.

/jobInfo <jobname>
This command lists all blocks/plants with the incomings.

This command lists all jobs you joined.

/pay <playername> <amount>
With this command you can pay another player your money.

/setHome <homename>
You can set up to 3 homepoints (standart) with this command.

/delHome <homename>
This command deletes a homepoint.

/home <homename>
With this command you can teleport to one of your homepoints.


/playershop create <shopname> <size (9,18,27...)>
Creates a shop. The size has to be a multible of 9.

/playershop delete <shopname>
Deletes a shop. All stored items are gone!!!

/playershop addItem <shopname> <material> <amount> <slot> <sellPrice> <buyPrice>
With this command you add a item to a Shopvillager of your choice.
If you only want to set your item for offer, set buyPrice = 0 and vice versa.
For materialname see below.

/playershop removeItem <shopname> <slot>

Deletes a item from your shop.
BE CAREFULLY: All stored items of this type are gone.

Fill/Refill player shop:

To fill items in your player shop sell the items to your shop.
You don't have to pay for it.
To see the stored items press the middle mouse button.
To get back to the normal shop view press it again.


To use the right material name go to:


Choose this name:


CAUTION!!! : Don't do this with mob_spawner. Use the command /adminshop addSpawner

You can't sell any sort of potion.


ultimate_economy.adminshop - all adminshop commands

ultimate_economy.playershop - all playershop commands

ultimate_economy.jobcenter - all jobcenter commands

ultimate_economy.home - all home commands

ultimate_economy.pay - /pay command

ultimate_economy.adminpay - /giveMoney command

ultimate_economy.info - all info commands

ultimate_economy.fastshop - /shop


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