UberForest 2.0.2


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    Apr 11, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1



  • Added Cobblestone Walls(mossy as well), Nether Fence, Jack O Lanterns, Iron Fence and Redstone Lamps to the list of overcrowding materials!
  • Small comment update in config referencing Dev site for the above items.


  • UberForest updated to latest Bukkit Dev Build again :)
  • Minor config tweaks to make forests a bit less aggressive when using the initial defaults.


  • UberForest updated to latest Bukkit Dev Build!


  • UberForest updated to latest Bukkit RB!


  • Major bug fixed! It affected Spruce and Birch trees which were being forced to grow either Uber or not at all! This has now been fixed... Please update!


  • Changed the reload command from /reloaduberforest to /UberForest Reload


  • Major Bug inhibiting Uber Jungle (2x2 Sapling planting) and Large Oak trees to grow, causing massive sapling spread fixed. - Thanks lastrachris!
  • Improved Overcrowding checks before placing a sapling. The following blocks prevent a sapling from being planted if found anywhere within it's overcrowding radius.
    • Fences,
    • Fence Gates,
    • Crops
    • Glowstone
    • Torches
    • Logs
    • Cobblestone
    • Smooth Brick
    • Saplings
  • Internal Debugging system overhaul. Possible Debug Spam Fixed (oops!)


  • Added Min/Max elevation for forest spreading.
  • More code re factoring to accommodate changes in upcoming version.


  • Small update to improve spruce and birch checking efficiency.
  • Some code re factoring to accommodate changes in upcoming version.


  • Official Release! REGENERATE YOUR CONFIG :) Old configs will work, but you'll be missing out on the new features!
  • Biome Specific growth factors added. Highly configurable for every single Biome in Minecraft!
  • /ReloadUberForest will reload the the plugin and config settings. No more full server reloads needed! Console and OP command only.
  • Code re-factoring/optimization for sapling generation.
  • When Giant Oak trees spawn naturally they are considered "Uber" and will spawn additional saplings (if configured) like other Uber trees.
  • When Giant Jungle trees spawn naturally they are considered "Uber" and will spawn additional saplings (if configured) like other Uber trees.
  • Regular Swamp trees now spread saplings.
  • Regular Jungle trees now spread saplings.
  • Framework for "Sharks with lasers" code laid out.


  • Optional World Inclusion list. Regenerate config if you wish to include/exclude certain worlds :)
  • Minor Rounding error fixed for UberBirch tree collision detection


  • Compiled with Java 6 instead of 7!
  • Added Hookup to MCStats
  • Added Overcrowding checks. You can now configure how dense a forest may grow.
  • Config File comments and variables updated. Please allow the plugin to recreate your config.yml!


  • Optimized Sapling Code (>50% more efficient now)


  • Bug with sapling at base of tree fixed.
  • Default Config file tweaked to less aggressive settings.


  • Initial Release of UberForest
  • If you were using UberSpruce please remove the plugin and config before installing this one!
  • Regenerate your config if upgrading prior to 1.0.0
  • Please learn this plugin before increasing growth rates! Forests can grow exponentially with the higher settings.
  • This plugin may cause extreme fun with forests :)