Automate... Everything!

Introducing Turtles: Programmable robots in Minecraft.

Current Version: Turtles 0.2 for CraftBukkit 1.7.9-R0.1.

This project is open-source! Check out the GitHub page.

Version 0.3 has been posted to BukkitDev and is currently waiting for approval!

How it works

Using this plugin is very simple!

To begin, craft an turtle:

Next, you need to take a book and quill and write your commands. (for a list of commands, see below)

You can seperate different commands with newlines (enter).

When you're finished writing your program, put the book and quill in the first slot of the turtle (this is important!).

Almost finished! The last thing you need to do is to apply a redstone pulse to the turtle and the turtle will execute all the commands that you gave it.


  • turtles.* - Access to all permissions.
  • turtles.place - Allows you to place a turtle.
  • turtles.break - Allows you to break a turtle of another player.
  • turtles.open - Allows you to open a turtle of another player.


At this time in development there is no configuration system.

Report a bug or give a suggestion

Want to give an suggestion or report a bug? Contact me via:

  • the comments;
  • a private message.

Commands that a turtle can execute

  • move <north | east | south | west | up | down> - Moves the turtle in a given direction.
  • dig <north | east | south | west | up | down> - Digs in a given direction.
  • place <north | east | south | west | up | down> - Places the current selected block from the turtle inventory in a given direction.
  • suck <north | east | south | west | up | down> - Sucks an item nearby the turtle from a given direction.
  • drop - Drops 1 item of the current selected itemstack on the ground.
  • drop stack - Drops a whole stack of the current selected item on the ground.
  • print [message] - Sends a message to the owner of the turtle.
  • sleep [time] - Pause the program for a given time in seconds.
  • select [slot] - Selects an slot in the inventory (useful for placing and dropping blocks).


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