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This game will be 2-6 players. One Player will be A troll they get to troll the players every 30 seconds but every 10 minutes they get money to buy better troll. Basic trolls will be water, lava, evil mobs: ghasts, creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, and guardians. other trolls can be placing obsidian around them. but the troll doesn't have infinite money. the only troll you can get for free is the ghast spawn egg. Everyone 10 minutes the troll gets 100 money. They have a buying menu to buy the trolls. For the Troll to win they have to kill all the players. And the troll is invisible. Another troll can be potions. Ghast-Free creepers-10 spiders-10 zombies-10 guardians-30 1 block of obsidian-50 poison potion-100 harming potion-150. Going on the survivors side. They can buy as well. They start off with nothing and they gather resources. They have to travel to X 1000 Z 1000 to get a diamonds block. You can do a couple things with the diamond block. If a player dies. A player that is alive can revive them in the shop menu under a category revive. for a price of 1 diamond block. You can buy stuff with diamonds. when the game starts you can buy a enchanting table for 5 diamonds and  when the game is longer the enchant table gets more expensive. You can buy 16 cooked steak or 18 cooked chicken for 2 diamonds. the troll can only troll during night which lasts 10 minutes. They can only troll  during the day if the player makes a little base during night and the troll cant get them. when the players reach X 2000 Z 2000 they get another diamond block. Then they will go to X 3000 Z 3000 for another block of diamond same for X 4000 Z 4000 when they get to X 5000 Z 5000 there will be a emerald block with 2 diamond blocks with emeralds you can get a diamond chest plate for 2 emeralds and diamond leggings for 1 including diamond helmets and boots for 1 emerald each. When they get to X 6000 and Z 6000 there will be gold blocks and diamonds blocks and Emerald Blocks and Lapiz Blocks. They will prepare for a really big troll. The Troll can fly and look at them. After surviving 8 days the survivors win. If they all die the troll wins.


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