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    Jun 11, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14


Version 6.1



  • fixed '/trample' command showing a creeper spawn egg instead of a cow spawn egg in the Troll-Gui
  • fixed '/dropinv' command acting weird, should work properly now
  • fixed some grammar mistakes in the '/trolltutorial' command (english / german)
  • fixed sentence not being translated into german when using '/dropinv [player]' and the players inventory is empty
  • fixed '/garbage' having the wrong item in the Troll-Gui when using the german language setting, which made the                                                    command not work when running it from the Troll-Gui
  • fixed a bow-event spaming errors in the console



  • added command '/randomtroll [player]' --> this command picks a random troll of the plugin for the target
  • added command '/shlong [player]' --> with this command.. well, just try it :D
  • added permission 'troll.randomtroll'
  • added permission 'troll.shlong'
  • added both new commands to the Troll-Statistics which can be seen with '/troll statistics'
  • added both new commands to the Troll-Help Menu which can be seen with '/troll help (1-6)
  • added command '/shlong [player]' to the Troll-Gui which can be used with '/troll' or '/troll [player]'
  • added 5th Troll-Bow to the Troll-Bows GUI --> With this bow you can get all 4 other bows at once, so you don't have to run the command 4 times



  • edited the '/abduct [player]' command in an awesome way! The target is actually being abducted now!
    --> when being abducted the target gets slowly teleported to the sky into an UFO which has spawned! After 15 seconds the target gets teleported back to his original location (where he was before the command started). Also the UFO disappears.
    --> Can only be used on one player at a time.
  • edited the '/garbage' command in the Troll-Gui
    --> it now checks whether the garbage mode is already activated for the target or not, according to
    this check it activates / deactivates the garbage-messages mode


Commands '/special', '/garbage', '/teleporttroll' and '/trollbows' are not included
in the new '/randomtroll' command