This is the onliest plugin you will ever need to troll / punish your users or friends! You have about ~50 commands, a Troll-GUI, statistics for your troll-behaviour and you can even change the language ingame! There are some unique commands you may have never seen before, so what are you waiting for? Go hit the download button and have some fun with it! :)



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  • Many commands
  • Permissions for every troll-command
  • Troll-GUI, to easily troll users
  • 2 languages! German & English, and you can even change the language with a command ingame!
  • commands with a delay where you can decide at your own how long something should happen
  • bypass permission
  • lightweight plugin
  • troll statistics! check how many times you used every single command
  • auto-update feature (you can disable it, if you want)






none troll.* permission node for all permissions
none troll.badapple.bypass if you have this permission you won't die when you eat the bad apple
none troll.bypass if you have this permission it isn't possible to troll you
/troll troll.troll Main command of this plugin / opens the Troll-Gui
/troll help [page] troll.trollhelp shows you all commands
/trolltutorial troll.tutorial starts the troll tutorial
/burn [player] troll.burn to burn yourself or another player
/freeze [player] troll.freeze the player will get potion effects (slowness, blindess... )
/bolt [player] troll.bolt strikes a lightning at the player
/special troll.special, troll.ak47, troll.blockshooter to get an Ak-47 which shoots arrows and snowballs | to get an item which shoots blocks. If a player is near the blocks he will be damaged. Blocks disappear after some seconds to not cause lagg
/fakeop troll.fakeop to fake op someone
/fakedeop troll.fakedeop to fake deop someone
/launch [player] troll.launch to launch a player (33 blocks up)
/spam [player] troll.spam to spam a players chat
/trollkick [player] troll.trollkick to troll kick someone (special kick message on the mc screen)
/badapple [player] troll.badapple to add an apple to a player's inventory, which will kill him if he eats it
/boom [player] troll.boom to create an explosion at the players location
/push [player] troll.push to push a player
/gokill [player] [delay] troll.gokill to kill the player [target] in [delay] seconds full automated
/switch [player] [player] troll.switch to switch the locations from 2 players
/denymove [player] [delay] troll.denymove to deny a player to move for [delay] seconds
/potatotroll [player] troll.potatotroll to replace every item in a players inventory to a potato
/trap [player] [delay] troll.trap to trap a player between glass blocks (old blocks at the locations will be resetted!)
/tptroll [player] troll.tptroll to get an item which shoots snowballs and if they hit a player he will be teleported to you
/infect [player] [delay] troll.infect to add some bad potion effects to [player] for [delay] seconds
/herobrine [player] troll.herobrine to become herobrine, if you run this command twice you will be a normal player again
/fakerestart [time] troll.fakerestart to fake restart the server and kick every other player
/turn [player] troll.turn to turn a player by 180 degrees
/starve [player] [amount] troll.starve to slowly starve a player, one hunger each 1,25 seconds as often as [amount]
/hurt [player] [amount] troll.hurt to slowly hurt a player, one live each 1,25 seconds as often as [amount]
/void [player] troll.void to slowly remove blocks under a player until he dies in void
/pumpkinhead [player] troll.pumpkinhead to change the head of a player to a pumpkin
/bury [player] [time] troll.bury to bury a player for [time] seconds
/nomine [player] [time] troll.nomine prevents a player from breaking blocks for [time] seconds
/randomtp [player] [count] troll.randomtp to teleport a player [count] times randomly
/crash [player] troll.crash to kick a player from the server with a long java error message
/freefall [player] [high] troll.freefall to let a player be freefalling from a certain high
/webtrap [player] [time] troll.webtrap to trap a player in cobweb
/spank [player] troll.spank to spank a player
/trample [player] [amount] troll.trample to let cows trample on a player
/trolllanguage [english | german] troll.trolllanguage to change the language of the plugin
/trollop [true | false | status] troll.trollopsettings to decide whether operators can be trolled or not
/troll statistics troll.statistics to see some statistics about your troll plugin usage
/stfu [player] troll.stfu to mute a player until you enter the command again
/popup [player | all] troll.popup to open the inventory of a player
/sky [player] [time] to teleport a player to the sky on a glass platform for [time] seconds
/abduct [player] troll.abduct to abduct a player with some cool effects
/popular [player] troll.popular to teleport all players to the target
/creeper [player] troll.creeper to spawn a creeper at the targets location. Creeper eploxsion won't damage blocks.
/sparta [player] troll.sparta shoots arrows from different locations to the target. (Random amount)
/trollbows troll.trollbows opens a GUI in which you can choose between 4 different Trollbows
/drug [player] troll.drug to drug a player
/squidrain [player] [number] troll.squidrain to let squids rain on the player
/dropinv [player] troll.dropinv to drop all items of the player on the ground
/garbage [player] [on | off] troll.garbage every chat message of the player will be a random message from GarbageMessages.yml (you can edit them)
/anvil [player] troll.anvil drops an anvil on the player
/invtext [player] troll.invtext adds some funny stuff to the players inventory
/runforrest [player] [time] troll.runforrest keeps the player moving for [time], if he stops moving he dies
/border [player] troll.border teleports the player to the border of the world

/noob [player]


noobs the player
/randomtroll [player] troll.randomtroll randomly selects a troll for the target
/shlong [player] troll.shlong very special command, just give it a try!





Review by SoulStriker 




Simply drag and drop the .jar file in your plugins folder and restart/reload/start your server.




This plugin contains an auto-update feature, which checks if there is a new version of the plugin, and if positive it downloads it (from this site) and places it in your plugins folder. If you don't want the plugin to automatically download the newest version, you can disable this feature in a config file, which is located in the TrollBoss folder. The TrollBoss folder is in your plugins folder.


More Features

If you have ideas for new trolls feel free to leave a comment, I will try my best to add them if possible.


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