TreeCutter - Cutting trees is now so simple!

Current Version: 2.6.1 New Version: 3.0.0 (In Development)

TreeCutter is simple plugin that allows you to break many log's at once!. It comes with many features which are listed below!.


  1. Allows you to to cut trees down avoiding from floating trees!
  2. Manage power of axe in config!
  3. Safe to houses which are made of log!
  4. Permissions Support! (Supports: PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsPEX and bPermissions)
  5. Turn on/off feature!
  6. Gives you axe on first join!
  7. Customized Messages on log destruction!
  8. On/Off feature for giant jungle trees!
  9. WorldGaurd Support!
  10. and many more!


This plugin will allow you to cut trees fully off, which will avoid floating trees! You can manage in configs how much one axe can cut log down. Its almost fully manageable!

Config Description

Read Config Page

To do List

  • Add More Messages
  • Add auto-plant for saplings
  • Add support for large trees (Don't know yet)
  • Add tool durations to each of the tool
  • Look for issues?
  • Suggestions?


CommandPermission node
1)/treecutter on/offTreecutter.adminTurn on/off plugin in game.
2)/treecutter reloadTreecutter.adminReloads Treecutter config.


Permission NodesDescription
1)Treecutter.*:Gives all TreeCutter permissions!
2)Treecutter.axe:Gives you permissions to cut trees down!
3)Treecutter.getaxe:Gives you permissions to get axe at first join!
4)Treecutter.any:Gives you permissions to cut trees with any tools or blocks!
5)Treecutter.adminGives you permissions to turn on/off & config reload in game chat!


Not necessary, but would be nice to keep supporting this plugin <3 just simply press "donate" button on right top corner <3


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