Tree Destroyer

Tree Destroyer- Destroy trees with ease!

Current Version : v6.4


Tree Destroyer is a Bukkit plugin which lets you destroy all the logs of a tree in a matter of seconds by only breaking one log.


Special Thanks to UltiByte for demonstrating my plugin! :P


  • /destroy - Activates tree destroying mode.
  • /treeinfo - Shows plugin information.
  • /treereload - Reloads config.yml.
  • /update - Downloads the latest update on BukkitDev.


  • treedestroyer.destroy - Access to destroy command.
  • treedestroyer.update - Allows you to receive update message as well as access to update.
  • - Allows access to /treeinfo.



  • zack6849 - Helping me with bug fixes and adding plugin metrics as well as an auto-update feature.
  • snap64 - Helping me with bug fixes.
  • mdcollins - Helping me with bug fixes as well as a new way for the config.yml.


Version 6.4

  • Added multiple tool functionality
  • Changed hashMaps to HashSets
  • Made HashSets safe on Player Quit

Version 5.0

  • Added a feature so the plugin doesn't work on logs used in houses

Version 4.5

  • Added aliases:
  • /d - same as /destroy
  • /u- same as /update
  • /ti- same as /treeinfo
  • /tr- same as /treereload
  • Changed to metricslite
  • Added metrics to config.yml

Version 4.0

  • Added different config.yml method
  • Fixed /treeinfo throwing an error
  • Added /update command
  • You can now disable auto-update notifying
  • Added permission treedestroyer.update
  • Added a message of the day
  • Fixed config.yml so now it updates without you having to delete the file

Version 3.0

  • Added /treereload
  • Fixed plugin metrics
  • You can now disable auto-update notifying
  • Changed effect of destroying trees
  • Fixed /treeinfo
  • Added new permission:
  • Fixed config.yml

Version 2.0

  • Added /treeinfo.
  • Added permission.
  • Initial release


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