Version 1.10.18 (2013-10-20):

  • Support Dev Build 1.6.4-R0.1
  • Nether portals need to have at least 2 portal blocs at their base.
  • The plugin works with different size and shape of portals and even different blocks.

Version 1.10.17 (2013-07-20):

  • Support Recommanded Build 1.6.2-R0.1
  • New configuration to disable teleport messages (new permission node and new messages).

Version 1.10.16 (2013-06-30):

  • Support Recommanded Build 1.5.2-R1.0
  • Fix portal bug when tpblock is disabled

Version 1.10.15 (2013-05-02):

  • Support DevBuild 1.5.2-R0.1
  • Fix a regression due to the previous fix about additional worlds (variable instanciation issue)
  • Better plugin loading management
  • Plugin is loaded post world now
  • Fix location issue for negative coordinates regarding portal teleportation

Version 1.10.14 (2013-04-17):

  • Fix bug from ticket#18: command /tg tpblock may crash
  • Make the portal teleportation use the main teleport method
  • Fix a bug for destinations on additional worlds where their locations are not linked to a loaded world (load methods order issue)

Version 1.10.13 (2013-04-08):

  • Support Dev Build 1.5.1-R0.2

version 1.10.12 (2013-02-11):

  • Support RB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • Added a new configuration parameter (protect admin inventory when clear inventory is enabled) (messages update needed)
  • Fixed some teleportation issue on destionation detection.

Version 1.10.11 (2012-12-24):

  • Support Dev Build 1.4.6-R0.2

Version 1.10.10 (2012-08-08):

  • Support RB 1.3.1-R1.0

Version 1.10.9 (2012-06-20):

  • Fix a concurrency issue with additional worlds management

version 1.10.8 (2012-06-17):

  • Support RB 1.2.5-R4.0

version 1.10.7 (2012-04-04):

  • Support RB 1.2.5-R1.0

version 1.10.6 (2012-03-29):

  • Support RB 1.2.4-R1.0

version 1.10.5 (2012-03-27):

  • Fix not saving the configuration for tpblock config

version 1.10.4 (2012-03-27):

  • Support RB 1.2.4-R0.1
  • Get the version from the plugin description (instead of from a global variable)
  • Use the onEnable and onDisable methods from superclass

version 1.10.3 (2012-03-14):

  • Support RB 1.1-R8

version 1.10.2 (2012-02-18):

  • Support RB 1.1-R4
  • Fix Admin TP check for portals and standard teleportation (wrong display of message)
  • Fix Restriction check for portals teleportation (wrong assignment of variable)

version 1.10.1 (2012-02-05):

  • 1.1-R3 support
  • Command /tg version : display the current version of the plugin
  • Help message update (with new commands)
  • Remove the target teleport system (you won't be able to teleport by typing /tg and targetting a sign with only a destination on it)
  • Fix the tpblock configuration when disabled in the config file
  • travelgates.sign permission node has been renamed travelgates.lever (more accurate)
  • Refactor the internal options system, which implies:
    1. Improve the r option to update easily restrictions (if you want to add or remove restrictions, only use + or - before the destinations to add or remove, others will be ignored, empty list will remove all restrictions)
    2. Update command only update the new settings (and not reset all options)
    3. Existing options will be toggled (see examples in Readme)
    4. r and p options can be used with no argument. (/tg update <dest> -r -> clear all restrictions or /tg update <dest> -p use the player location)
    5. Options system is safer
  • Fix the "no data to save" message. Restrictions data was not updated.
  • Print destination details after updating it
  • Simple world management, improving the /tg worlds command (update messages)
  • New configuration "worlds" to load additional worlds (only load unloaded and existing worlds, others will be ignored)
  • Fix the error message that appears when you click on a sign by being not on destination but which said "you are already at <dest>" where you wanted to go!

version 1.9.2 (2012-01-29):

  • Fix file creation issue
  • Fix the lookup custom "BlockFaces" for destination and portal research (there were two "NORTH" face)
  • Minor changes on the Nether Portal algorithm to make it more "convenient" for users
  • Support Craftbukkit 1.1-R2

version 1.9 (2012-01-27):

  • Native Bukkit's Permissions support
  • Fix destinations case (Bug for Portal Signs)
  • New configuration : auto-save
  • Command /tg del can be used with the option -s to save the data
  • Option -p() can be used "void" to update a destination with the player location
  • New Permissions nodes for each teleportation means (the node "travelgates.portal" has been renamed "travelgates.teleportportal")
  • Permission node "options" has been renamed "update"
  • New command /tg config : show the current configuration of the plugin (Need messages update)
  • Each command has several aliases
  • New commands for toggle all boolean (true/false) configurations : /tg perms, /tg signtp, /tg portaltp, /tg clearallinv, /tg autosave (Need messages update)
  • Configuration will be saved with /tg save or with autosave (if using toggle commands)
  • Fix the pattern for message variables (numbers not recognized in variables)
  • Fix the restricted destinations check for Nether Portal teleportation
  • Teleport player using Nether Portal from adjacent blocks of the portal (also fix a bug if player not standing on the destination block)
  • New command parameter /tg details <destination> : show only the details of the selected destination
  • Support for the new events system from the RB 1.1-R1
  • New configuration : teleport block
  • Teleportation on teleport blocks which are adjacent to a destination (itself a teleport block)
  • /tg <dest> -f allow teleportation without being on another destination (for admin by default)

version 1.8 (2012-01-08):

  • Logger message when players teleport from destination to another
  • Optimization of researches (destination / location / options / restrictions)
  • Add a control when a player is trying to add a Portal sign (Permissions' node is the same as lever : travelgates.sign)
  • Force arrival chunk to be loaded after being teleported, if it is not the case
  • New option -r to restrict destinations from the given destination (add new messages)
  • New command /tg restrict <destination>: display restricted destinations
  • Minor fix on /tg loc command (check if destination exists)

version 1.7.1 (2012-01-03):

  • Code clean up. (forgotten debug messages)
  • Add the /tg update command, which is the same as the /tg options command but more convenient
  • Refactoring the readme file

version 1.7 (2012-01-02):

  • Refactoring constants' names
  • Using smart enumeration for permissions nodes
  • New options "p" used to specify manually a Location for a destination when using /tg add or /tg options.
  • New Command /tg worlds to list all available worlds on the server.

version 1.6.3 (2011-12-13):

  • Compatibility with Bukkit's Build [1597]

version 1.6.2 (2011-11-05):

  • Option "i" resets the armor when the configuration "clearallinventory=true" is used.
  • New configuration "clearallinventory"
  • New message "ALL_INVENTORY_LOST"
  • Fix a bug on signs : right click without having the node "teleport" makes a message appear
  • Fix the debug mode starting with the configuration (was not enabled everywhere)
  • Added the color of Options Error message

version 1.6.1 (2011-10-22):

  • Compatibility with the Bukkit's Leet Build [1337]

version 1.6 (2011-10-18):

  • Compatibility with the Bukkit's Build [1317]
  • Compatibility with PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEx
  • Nodes update & fix (previous nodes with admin/user group nodes seemed to not work...)
  • Better Permissions handling (Auto detection of the Permissions plugin used and force the loading of the Permissions plugin if the order of plugins is wrong)
  • New configuration paramater : "debug" used to set the debug mode at the beginning of the plugin. (useful to debug the plugin's loading)
  • Fix the commands /tg loc and /tg options while using them with no destination (no message before, now help message)
  • Better /tg help message.

version 1.5.1 (2011-10-09):

  • Fixing NullPointerException occuring when using Permissions

version 1.5 (2011-10-09):

  • Substitution of Nether Portals using TravelGates's Sign
  • Minecraft Logger is used instead of System.out/err
  • Ingame debug mode with /tg debug
  • Config teleport modes (choice between sign and/or portals)
  • Teleportation on Sign is more permissible (See the README for more information)
  • No-Message improvement (the searched message is displayed)
  • Better configuration file managment
  • Messages update (new messages, language file update needed)

version 1.4 (2011-09-29):

  • Vertical view position is ignored when setting a destination (always facing the horizon)
  • The sign used to teleport a player can be filled on any lines
  • A default message is sent if no message has been found
  • Save command : /tg save -> force destinsions save
  • Options update command : /tg options <desination> -[options]

version 1.3 (2011-09-28):

  • Fix the Permissions issue
  • Minor update on the message "variable" system.
  • Switch the meaning of the "i" option (i = clear inventory instead of saving it)
  • Now teleport player on the destination's bloc center
  • New option "a" : means only OP's can use this gate (or Permissions' admins)
  • New option "s" : means that after adding the new destination, all destinations will be saved

version 1.2 (2011-09-25):

  • Configuration file
  • Permission compatibility
  • Multilangual messages system
  • Details command displays options
  • System log messages are in English
  • Disable all plugin actions if loading has failed

version 1.1 (2011-09-24):

  • Compatibility to Bukkit build #1185
  • Internal minor changes (constants, messages)

version 1.0 (2011-09-16):

  • Initial build
  • All texts are in French


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