Towny Wars

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Towny Wars offers enhancements to Towny Advanced servers.

  • Only Town Mayors may use WAR commands
  • NO griefing is enabled by this plugin
  • Towns at WAR will have PVP enabled everywhere


Allows mayors to declare War on other towns.

  • PvP enabled for both towns everywhere.
  • Configurable cost to declare war.
  • Configurable cost to declare peace.
  • Configurable cost on death to rival town
  • Configurable cost on killing rival town member
  • Configurable cost on killing rival town mayor
  • Configurable time to declare war/peace


Default commands

  • /twar list - list of towns at war
  • /twar help - commands
  • /twar enemies - shows all wars declared on you
  • /twar terms - shows cost of declare war and yield

Town Mayor commands

  • /twar war <townname> - declare war on a town
  • /twar accept <townname> - accept a war
  • /twar decline <townname> - decline a war
  • /twar peace <townname> - declare peace


  • townywars.war.mayor
  • townywars.war.admin


This plugin is completely dependent on Towny Advanced
You must also use Vault

Future Development

Make a Town Power system to rank towns


Proof of concept uploaded

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