Finally released!

Works for 1.2.5!

Torture is a plugin where you can "torture" other players. This can be used for a variety of reasons, but you can use it to do whatever you want. This can be used for role playing, such as making yourself go blind, or hungry, or it could be used as a way to bother griefers when they grief you.

There are a variety of commands ranging from leaving yourself with one health, to making one go blind, nausea, hungry, and even death.


Note: If you do not specify a player, then it will do the command to the user. Also, when you specify time, it is in seconds. If you do not specify a time, it will default to 25 seconds.

  • /thelp - displays the help page
  • /starve <player> <amount left> -depletes player's hunger bar
  • /hurt <player> <damage> -hurts the player
  • /ignite <player> -ignites the player on fire, painful death
  • /die <player> -kills the player
  • /painful -leaves player with 1 health and empties hunger bar
  • /blind <player> <time> -leaves the player blind
  • /ill <player> <time> -gives them the nausea effect
  • /hungry <player> <time> <1 - 4> -gives the player food poisoning
  • /poison <player> <time> <1 - 4> -leaves the player poisoned
  • /slow <player> <time> <1 - 4> -slows the player down in walking and block breaking
  • /upsidedown <player> <time> -turns the player's world upside down!
  • /fall <player> <distance> -makes the player fall from the sky
  • /explode <player> -explodes the player, automatic death
  • /creeper <player> -spawns creepers all around the player
  • /torture <player> <time> <1 - 4> -blinds, poisons, food poisoning, and gives them nausea
  • /annoy <player> -annoys the player by spawning villagers all around the player
  • /rabid <player> -sends angry wolves after the player
  • /suffocate <player> -suffocates the player in a tower of sand*
  • /rainoffire <player> <#ofarrows> -randomly drops flaming arrows in the vicinity of the player
  • /spider <player> -spawns spiders around the player
  • /zombie <player> -spawns zombies around the player
  • /skeleton <player> -spawns skeletons around the player
  • /tstop <player> -cancels any potion effect to the player
  • /aggro <player> <distance> -takes all the nearby entities from a given distance and teleports them randomly around the player, and making them attack the player
  • /random <player> -does a random command to the targeted player

Note: using suffocate will turn all the blocks around the player into dirt and then drop sand on him. Also, if the player is holding a shovel, then they will be able to get out without too much damage.


  • torture.thelp
  • torture.starve
  • torture.hurt
  • torture.ignite
  • torture.die
  • torture.painful
  • torture.ill
  • torture.blind
  • torture.poison
  • torture.hungry
  • torture.slow
  • torture.upsidedown
  • torture.fall
  • torture.explode
  • torture.creeper
  • torture.torture
  • torture.annoy
  • torture.rabid
  • torture.suffocate
  • torture.rainoffire
  • torture.spider
  • torture.zombie
  • torture.skeleton
  • torture.tstop
  • torture.aggro
  • torture.random
  • torture.* (all permissions)

If you have any suggestions for other ways to torture people, please comment!

(Note: These are just the permission nodes, it is not the complete permissions file)

Source Code:

To Do:


If you give me suggestions, then they will probably be implemented!


Torture v1.5.1

  • Started to work on the /crawl command
  • Optimized all the code to increase performance
  • Added /more to /thelp so you just have to type /more to turn the pages
  • Fixed the console issue with the /hurt command.
  • Fixed the issues with the permissions (If they still persist please inform me)

Torture v1.5:

Added the following commands:

  • /aggro <player> <distance>
  • /random <player>

Torture v1.4:

Works for 1.2.3!

Major cleanup of code.

Added the following:

  • /zombie <player> -spawns zombies around the player
  • /skeleton <player> -spawns skeletons around the player
  • /tstop <player> -cancels any potion effects added by a command

Torture v1.3:

Added /spider

Torture v1.2:

Fixed a problem with /suffocate

Added /rainoffire

Torture v1.1:

Added the following commands:

  • /annoy
  • /rabid
  • /suffocate

Torture v1.0:

Fixed problems with /thelp

Added configuration to:

  • /starve
  • /hurt
  • /poison
  • /hungry
  • /torture
  • /fall

Added the following commands:

  • /creeper <player> -spawns creepers around the player
  • /upsidedown <player> -turns the players world absolutely upside down

Torture v0.9.5:

Added time to: /ill <player> <time> /blind <player> <time>, /poison <player> <time> /hungry <player> <time> /slow <player> <time>

Torture v0.9.4:

Fixed a problem with the /thelp command.

Torture v0.9.3:

Added /fall and /explode commands

Torture v0.9.2:

Added torture.* permission

Torture v0.9.1:

First Release!

WooHoo! WooHoo!



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