TokenShop allows server owners to create the server of their dreams without the having to pay for custom plugins. A plugin started that only handled voting; now leveling the playing field everywhere! This allows your players to vote, and then be rewarded for their effort, whats that? You're tired of giving players the same thing over and over and a boring thank you message? Your players mean more to you than that, so prove it! TokenShop allows you to create custom shops, with interfaces, for them to spend their 'Tokens' from voting in powered by Votifier, or turn that off and use your own! Now these aren't any old boring shop, your imagination is your limit! This allows you to customize every little bit of the shop! Here's a few for example: Shop size, shop names, item names, item colors, item lore, commands on purchase, broadcast messages, private messages! Literately anything you can imagine! And even within your customization there is more customization!!! But how do they access these wonderful stores? Simple, signs and commands; and even the signs are totally customizable because your sever is special and different not just another! Oh and did I mention there can be technically infinite shops? Because limits are dumb! Speaking of limits what if I told you these wonderful features also can hook into vault and allow you to create admin shops!? Yes, your economy plugin totally compatible! Why using boring admin shop signs when you could make an amazing store with interfaces?!

Now because you shouldn't be limited on what you can do, there is even the world's easiest kit system built in. Less time typing in long boring codes for kits and more time making your server the best it can be! The kit system has a cool down system built in and all kits can persist through a server shut down or restart, so no worries there. And of course not that you'd need to ask by now but the players can purchase kits in the stores with their tokens or even buy permissions for new ones; whatever you feel you need to do!

Ever seen a server where they have those fancy items that allow you to teleport from lobby to lobby? Or navigate menus? Yup, you have that now too, except yours is more customizable and its free! And of course you also could just use this system to navigate through shops because you're just cool like that. Or because you can do them both... twice!

Now I bet you're thinking: What about all the permissions and crazy config files!? Don't worry permissions are all simple and very dynamic meaning they are tailored to how you setup your shops, making life easier for everyone! And configs? Each shop has its own config file, generated by you and you only have to put in what you want, lets not waste your precious time. And the main config? Fill it out once and good to go! And in case you ever feel lost, there is a readMe included to help even more!

There is too many features to go over here! But I will quickly mention there is also a server broadcaster, a donation and voter assistant command!


  • /givetok [PlayerName] [#OfTokens] - Gives PlayerName NumberOfTokens
  • /tokens - Tells player how many tokens they have.
  • /token - Tells player how many tokens they have.
  • /enchantcode - Gives you the EnchantCode for the item in your hand.
  • /openshop [ShopName] - Opens up GUI for ShopName
  • /market [MarketName] - Opens up GUI for MarketName
  • /createkit [KitName] [KitCoolDownTimer] - Creates a kit with a cool down of CoolDownTimer
  • /kits - Displays all the kits you have access to.
  • /kit [kitname] - Gives player KitName, if not on cooldown and has permission.
  • /vote - Displays the Voting websites for the server.
  • /donate - Displays the website for donating to the server.
  • /regenconfig - Will regen the config file. Must have permission.
  • /deletekit [KitName] - Deletes kit KitName.
  • /editkit [KitName] [CoolDown/kit] <Time in seconds for cool down> - Edits either kits contents or kits cool down timer.
  • /ConfigReload - Reloads the config file.
  • /ReloadShop [ShopName] - Reloads shop file for [ShopName].
  • /ReloadMarket [MarketName] - Reloads market file for [MarketName].
  • /shop - Will open the default shop, if supported.
  • /store - Same as /shop.

Creating your shops

I've made a compilation of pages to help you easily find the topic you are looking for! Just go to the top of the page and click on the tab 'Pages' and just look under Shop Creation for all your needs! Or here's the link:


After you've put the plugin on your server, in the TokenShop folder there will be a readMe.yml which goes deep into explanation of how to use the simple config file. If you can't find what you need check the pages tab on this page! If you still need help feel free to send me a PM!


  • OP will have all permissions by default.
  • tokenShop.admin - Contains permissions openShop, createShop, and createKit and use the /givetok, /regenconfig commands.
  • tokenShop.openShop - Permission for a player to use the /openshop command.
  • tokenShop.createShop - Permission for a player to create shop signs.
  • tokenShop.createKit - Permissions to create and edit kits.
  • UseShop.[shopName] - Permission for a player to access shop [ShopName].
  • tokenShopKits.[kitName] - Permission for a player to use kit [KitName].
  • UseShopVault.[shopName] - Permissions for a player to access VaultShop [ShopName].
  • NOTE: tokenShop.openShop still requires a player to have permission to use a shop! Doesn't override UseShop.[shopName]!

Get Latest Builds

  • If you want the latest versions use the links below! (Jenkins will be posted soon!)
  • Stable:
  • DevStable(May be buggy!):

Extra Notes

  • I would like to thank @45zeldafan for helping me bug test.
  • This plugin was originally created for: Empire Craft -
  • Need to get a hold of me? Use that wonderful PM system or leave a comment below!

Buy Me A Pizza or Soda

I do always appreciate donations! They help me have more time to work on plugin creation or updates!



TokenShop is currently going under some major renovations to make it much more useful to not only server owners but also fellow programmers who want more out of their plugins! Please be patient with the next few versions as much change is coming!


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