This plugin is currently not being updated as I'm working on my other projects.

(This plugin works with the 1.7 CraftBukkit version)

What is 'Toaster'?

It is a fun-plugin, that allows you to 'toast' players with lightnings or 'freeze' them. ('freezing' is not implemented yet, but will be added in 2.3)


  • 'Toast' a player with a single lightning using '/toast <player>' (permission: 'toaster.toast' or as op)
  • 'Toast' a player with 100 lighnings using '/instatoast <player>' (permission: 'toaster.instatoast' as op)
  • 'Toast' all players, except yourself, with '/toastall' (permission: 'toaster.toastall' or as op)
  • Permissions that lets a player bypass the '/toast', '/instatoast' and '/toastall' (permission: 'toaster.bypass' or as op)

Planned Features&Commands

(I'm currently working on them)

  • 'Toast' a player with as much lightning as you like (it's not recommended to use a higher value than 200) with '/toast <player> <lighnings>' (permission: 'toaster.toasttimes' - only players with this permission can perfrom the command to prevent other player from trolling you and kill your server :P )
  • 'Freeze' a singel player for a specific amount of time with '/freeze <player> <seconds>' (permission: 'toaster.freeze' or as op)
  • 'Freeze' all players, except yourself and all players, that are op, with '/freezeall <seconds>' (permission: 'toaster.freezeall' or as op)
  • A working repository on
  • Maybe some sort of extra-plugin which allow you to troll other players (idk what exactly)
  • Permissions that lets a player bypass the '/freeze'


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Place it in your 'plugins' directory
  3. Start your server
  4. Now the plugin is ready to use (no configuration needed!)


  • I'm happy about every suggestion :)


  • No bugs at the moment


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